When An Angel Takes Her First Tumble


When An Angel Takes Her First Tumble.


Tiny innocent eyes look out,
through tear misted eyes,
at a world she found most beautiful,
after her expulsion from the womb,
so much love and tenderness daily applied,
giggles and fun, in an endless litany,
till sadly a fall from grace,
brought pain for the first time,
of the many more times to come,
and the world was a wee bit
tainted because of it,
but then sweet love
swept in like a warm blanky,
and wrapped her
in arms of compassion
and made it all O.K. again.

Is it not as simple as this,
to find someone in pain,
tears fresh in their eyes,
and hold them through the suffering
by any means possible,
and make them see life
as beautiful again
much like a tiny angel
freshly tumbled,
and caught in the rapture of love,
oh, that all of mankind
would treat each other
to the joys a baby feels
when love is re-established
to compensate for pain endured


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itakins profile image

itakins 7 years ago from Irl

How lovely.Beautiful poem.

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