When I Knew

The birds sang an

Unforgettable song

On the day we first


The bees although

Out of season made the

Sweetest honey just for

Us to taste.

While the sun shinned the

Warmest rays down upon us.

That's when I knew that I could be

In love with you.

The wind whistled through the trees

Slow and low just so we could dance.

As the leaves swirled around us happily

Ever after forever was the tune that was

Playing I can still hear to this day.

We danced on what seemed like an endless

Cloud of love.

We went higher than the most natural high to a

Place familiar that we knew by smell alone.

That’s when I could tell that I had fallen under

Love’s spell as well as see that you were the

One for me and further more that I could

Forever love you.

Copyright © 2010 ~ the prolific penman

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