When Jesus Returns...

God loves us so much. He died for his Church, so we can be with him in paradise forevermore!
God loves us so much. He died for his Church, so we can be with him in paradise forevermore!

Jesus Is Surely Coming Back, One Day, When You Least Expect!

“Some seer expects it’s going to happen this weekend John, that Jesus Christ's second coming is on the date I'm pointing to, on this hot calendar,'' said Gene with amazement!

“I suppose; if Jesus comes back in a few days, I’ll never graduate, and I’ll in, no way have the chance to well ... You can make it out, can't you," said John sadly?

“I think this is grand, because I am as ready as I am going to be! I've got a colossal spelling bee on Monday, I can’t possibly win. Now, I can just forget about it, and take a chill pill, and not study this weekend,” said Gene with a huge smile.

“Right and it'll be an end to being made fun of by Sandra’s agnostic chums,” said Melissa with a sigh of relief.

“Wow, I didn't think of this! That'll be the best thing ever,” muttered John!

Then, You Believe That Crazy Mystic, Amigos?

"Amigos, you just can’t be too real! You chat as if you believe this crazy mystic Doctor Wren,” uttered Melissa!

“Naturally, we do! It all seems to fit together! God said it in the Bible, pals! It’s happening this weekend. Someone predicted Jesus' second coming again! Are you ready? Jesus is coming back in a few days! And his return will be overwhelming for everyone! All will see him, and he’ll surly take us to heaven this time! Next, he’ll destroy the earth with a blazing inferno as quick as the twinkle in our eyes. Everyone alive in Christ will be saved," cried Gene!

“This doesn't imply we should sit around and wait for Jesus’ return either! We must toil and tell as many people as possible about the Good Gospel News to help convert them to Christianity,” said John with a happy twitch in his eyes!

Jesus Is Planning to Surprise Everyone.

“Now no one can ever ultimately know when Christ will take us away! Actually, he wants absolutely no one to guess a date. Since, he’s planning to change the earth by burning up our works and stopping time. We'll survive, except, our things won't. He wants us to live the best Christian life ever, until he returns unexpectedly! He's coming while we are sleeping to surprise everyone in the middle of the night without a warning! Now, can you be ready for such a thing, when you're in a deep slumber?"

“Of course not, certainly, I’ll be ready; at least, I hope so, Melissa! I've been baptized you know,” said Ginger with a sparkle in her eye. Besides, I attend church religiously!

“How could you say, you hope so? Why aren't you sure Ginger? Else everything you've done so far was useless to this point.”

"What do you mean?"

Absolutely, No One Can Predict Christ's Second Coming

"We know truthfully that Jesus said no one in the world can predict his second coming! Right, because he plans to surprise everyone like a thief does, in the middle of the night. Therefore, no one can know! You simply have to be ready for his return. That's all, plain and simple.

Next, Jesus said, he is utterly going to raze the earth and dissolve it, after taking his Christian brothers and sisters to heaven. For this reason, we must live our best Christian life ever, and not worry about the world going up in smoke, friends. Because, we'll be with Jesus forever and ever at his appointed time. We will be living in paradise with him, one day!"

Omigosh, I Need a Baptism!

“Do you remember your baptism?" Melissa said, as Ginger shrugged her shoulder and knotted her head in unbelief.

“Considerably, no! I was a baby, how could I remember? My mama said I was christened, and I trust her!”

“That's the issue, Ginger! You should always remember the glorious day of your baptism and have a plaque framed around it! The day God took you in, and made you a part of his household. This should have been the day you divulged and repented of your sins. Since, babies can’t vouch for themselves, they’re already a part of God’s heavenly host, since, they are innocent and sinless. Your baby baptism was only a presentation,” asserted Melissa, “a real waste of time, now that you are older, more impertinent and a sinner. You need a baptism!”

“Truly, are you certain?” Ginger bawled in dismay, as she raised her brows.

Yes, Jesus’ apostle held in Acts 2:38, Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.”

“Omigosh, I can’t grapple; my family didn't understand the Holy Scriptures. I don’t have the Holy Spirit within me. I’m truly not ready for Jesus’ return! I'm in need of having a proper baptism at once, and must confess my sins to God! I know God doesn't hear the entreaties of a sinner. I also need to inform my parents, and tell them how mesmerized they've been with their religious institution. They must believe what the Bible commands in Acts 2:38. They need to receive a baptism by immersion too, right away,” said Ginger with zeal.

Then Ginger thought of going to a Church of Christ next Sunday. She desired to do the right thing for her soul and spirit in the sight of God.

When Jesus Comes Back...

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Brandon Tart profile image

Brandon Tart 4 years ago from North Carolina Sculptor

Very useful tool. I, too believe in adult baptism. I was also christened as an infant, then baptized as an adult. I hope for real change in my life as far as my heart and mind are concerned... To be more childlike and loving. I enjoyed your Hub! Voted up and useful as a tool for leading others to Christ!

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