When My Mind Takes Flight

My Eyes Have Seen The Light

All Rights Reserved
All Rights Reserved

In My Dreams

In dreams, I slumber into the night,

to depths, descending, without sight.

A thousand fathoms , I travel then,

beyond the dark, I will transcend.

With outstretched arms, I make my flight,

To break through, and see the light.

My hope returns from darkness there,

on soaring wings, I have no care.

I reach great heights within my dreams,

appearing true, it really seems.

I race the wind and greet the clouds,

flying high above the crowds.

Night time shadows, come once again,

back into darkness, I will descend.

My happiness there, I've surly seen,

In winged flight, my thoughts are keen.

Beyond the darkness, within my head,

I gently land upon my bed.

With opening eyes, new sights I've had,

in a new perspective, I am so glad.

I greet the dawn, in happy thought,

a new life waiting, that I've sought.

Within my dreams, for me to find,

discovered hidden, and in my mind.

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