When My Stomach Starts To Growl

Why Don't I Listen ?

I hear the noise from down under

It starts out low then comes out loud

Loud enough that my wife heard it too

Was that your stomach she asked ?

No it was a little volcano ready to errupt

I was going to eat but I had a thought on my mind that couldn't wait

I asked my wife if she could make me a couple of sandwiches

She forgot or maybe she did not hear me...

I was in no hurry to eat anyway

It is up to me to feed myself since I am old enough

Well I had breakfast for lunch and now it is 3:59 in the afternoon

How fast time flys when you are having fun

I am like a newscaster on a hot story that can't wait

Life on the run

I have to write the story before the end of the day or I will miss the deadline

I have to collect my thoughts and put this unique story together before anyone else dares

Then rewrite it until it makes sense

Edit ,edit and edit some more

I always start out with so much more information than I have too

This could be four stories in one

I know I will grab a nectarine to hold me over

As I mispelled the word nectorine I went to look it up in the dictionary

The most amazing thing happened

The page I opened up to was the right page on the first shot

I didn't even get to look for the N's

That has to be one in a billion

That made my day

I forgot now about eating and writing and everything else

I am in shock and who is here to tell it too

No one not a soul to be found

My wife is asleep and my cats our quietly napping

I have the HubPages to be grateful too

Well since my life has taken another unexpected turn and I am overwhelmed with emotion

That a simple page turning brought me so much joy

I have to celebrate

I am going to get up and have a piece of chocolate cake

Only one slight problem there is none

I will have to use my imagination and have a pretend one

I will have one slice please

A little bigger than that if you don't mind

There is enough cake to go around

Why don't you have the first piece since you only wanted a little

The nice white frosting

I think it is Buttercreme

Wow it looks so moist

I love when the chocolate just looks so rich and has that great color too

I have to clean off the knife with my finger

Even though as a kid I was told not too

You might cut yourself

I would always insist not me

I can hear my mother say don't come to me when your bleeding

I can't waste any frosting by letting it go to the sink

Even the few crumbs on the bottom of my plate

I would never leave those

That would be a sin and a big mistake

Cake before supper that will ruin my appetite

Not a chance

Now I know why I didn't eat I was saving room for imaginary cake

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Lita C. Malicdem profile image

Lita C. Malicdem 5 years ago from Philippines

Funny! But I hope you won't do that often. Hubbing can wait, but a growling stomach can do you more harm if you don't listen to it. Now, I'm thinking of helping myself with what was left with my birthday cake!

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 5 years ago Author

Lita C. Malicdem I hope you had an incredible birthday.Thank you for reading my story.Have a great day.

Dim Flaxenwick profile image

Dim Flaxenwick 5 years ago from Great Britain

Very funny.

DonĀ“t ever stop writing. You are a gem.

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 5 years ago Author

Dim Flaxenwick Sometimes you laugh so hard my computer shakes.Thanx for making me laugh too and I blamed it on my poor kitten.Have a nice day.

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