When Rain Falls

 I'm in Love,
What can I say,
I'm in Love,
in that unconditional type of way,
It's like when rain falls,
or church bells ring,
wind rushing through a field,
as blue birds sing,
Rain falls,
as love flows through my heart,
church bells,
commitment together as well as apart,
wind blows,
the action of grass reveals,
the song,
of my loves appeals,
Love flows like a wave in the sea,
chiming in to what we could be,
ebbs and flows of the blind that can see,
my love for you lives on forever,
inside of me,
I'm in Love,
What can I say,
I'm in love,
In that unconditional type of way,
It's like when love falls,
or commitment rings,
my love stays constant,
it's my love that sings,
Though rain falls,
You'll always have my heart,
church bells chime,
ringing a brand new start,
The wind whistles,
as it shows others how I feel,
I sing aloud,
of a love that I must conceal,
So when it rains,
or you hear church bells ring,
when the wind rushes through your hair,
or when you hear birds sing,
Know that I love you,
What can I say,
I know that I love you,
in an unconditional way...


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