When The Paint Jar Tumbles...........

When The paint jar tumbles.




Mother nature is

a bit of a klutz

at eve's fall

when she tires of creating

all the daily events

that require her attention

sometimes her

paint jars









into a brilliant~~~~

blob of color -----O-----

that spreads in ~~~~~/|

yellows...oranges and reds

across the palette of the earth

while she attempts

with blobs of cotton

so fluffy white

to swab it clean

but each puffball

only serves to

hold these colors

as they disperse

in lovely flows

turning blue canvas

skies to pink ones

in her vain attempts

to brush up

all her clumsy

glorious spills



while the swirling

green paint waters

stretching restless far below

become vivid shades of turquoise

divided by the bright refraction

of spattered pastels in a row

right down the center

colors bobbing

red-yellows and

bright orange dissecting

the aquamarines with theur glow



till that sliding orb of color

slips beneath the tossing waves

as the night blots out the view

of her accidental art

this is when she must retire

till the morning when her waking

spills a whole new set of colors

that all earthlings will admire

never knowing Mother nature

is a most colorful Klutz

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