When The ~~~~ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ's Become Elusive.

When The ZZZZZZZZZ's Become Elusive.



It's late,
I'm weary,
words are woozy,
s ta g

all over the

of my mind.

I am hanging
by a noose of

my own making
in my poet-tree
kicking at

the props,
begging the

blissful black,
but I can't sleep.

So I tap tap tap
like a bad faucet
on the alpha-bets

before me
each a gamble
in my present state,

the reals
and getting nothing
but empty slots.

I am bleeding emotions,
and the only band-aid
is thousands

of miles away,
But there are

so many other
lives in much deeper
tribulation then I.

I ponder the

five parents
of the kids

shot to death
yesterday at that
University in Illinois,
and what that call
must have

been like....

"We're sorry Mrs. __________

but your daughter
was killed today

in a lecture hall."

"God, please grant me

the power to know

when these

whackos are going

to reek mayhem

on student bodies,
so I can use all of my


Marine corps training
to blow their

fucking heads off.
before they can hurt

so many at one time,
in their warped methods

of hurting themselves


I suppose

I should
answer my

pillows calling,
and just dream,
but it's the waking

that wounds,
and so I rest my case,
taking my stanzas
to the world.

Then I'll go to find
solace in the

boob tube,
a highly


and maybe

when the
sign off pattern

comes on,

I will............


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