When We Don't Understand

Where Faith Comes In

So many things we don't understand.

Who is the one holding your hand?

Friends? They all bail

When it really begins to hail.

To whom will you turn

When you crash and burn?

Christ is always there

Our sins he chose to bear.

He'll carry you through

and ease your burden too.

We may not ever understand why

Sometimes we have to cry.

But through the sorrow

We can see tomorrow

In the God of all men

That's where faith comes in.

In The Waiting as performed by David Coffin

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TheWhisper profile image

TheWhisper 5 years ago from Macomb,MI

This is a very true and deep poem. People will lie to you and sometimes those people won't even know. But when times turn tough think who is really going to comfort you and pick you back up, and who will gives you encouraging texts. Please read some of my poetry, I just recently started a short story series called "The Silver Box".

mdcgardner profile image

mdcgardner 5 years ago Author

Thanks for reading.

LisaMarie724 profile image

LisaMarie724 5 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

Just amazing :)

mdcgardner profile image

mdcgardner 5 years ago Author


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