When We Give Of Our Time

Not Money

Isn't there a place you would rather be ?


You have done enough

You have things to do at home

It's o.k.

I want to help you

I'm tired and I am going in

O.k. I will try to do just a little more

This is a real conversation that took place

I offered to help my neighbor with picking up some leaves

Many times my neighbor has been so kind

Always surprising us with her cooking

If it is a dessert or her favorite food

I am always surprised and the only thing she ever asks in return

Is her dish

It is a set and when you are finished

No hurry

I want my dish back

An easy thing to forget

So I bring her dish back promptly the next day

This way in good faith

Something special in the future awaits

I don't know when or what

I love the surprise

Today I was happy to do my best and I spent two hours trying to clean up

She said a few times o;k. leave those you have done enough

But each pile I tried to conquer

My energy got stronger not weaker

I made a huge dent

They are not finished yet

I said I would be back tomorrow

Startled and delighted

She said o.k.

She went in the house and asked if I liked some soup

I went home with the biggest grin

Those unexpected words filled my belly with nourishment

Not just for my body but for my soul

So as I made my way home in the dark

Carrying a bowl of soup and some homemade bread

I was filled with an excitement

I couldn't wait

As soon as I got my hands under some water

I scrubbed my face and arms

Raced to the kitchen

Grabbed a spoon

Sat down to a warm dish

That was so rewarding and priceless

It is times like these

That make my mind pleased

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annart profile image

annart 2 years ago from SW England

What a lovely story! It's great when things like this happen and it does both parties a favour. Helping others makes us feel good.

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 2 years ago Author

annart If we all made good use of our time we could help so many people.I had so much fun. Thank you for reading and commenting. Have a beautiful night.

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