When We Were Small

Do you still remember our yesterdays
Can you recall the games we used to play
In early December, playing in the snow
Wben were small I asked your name from then we had a bubble that was all our own

All those wasted years
Chasing girls n’ drinking beers
Until I tasted love , how was I to know
How amazing it felt to hold you and feel our love grow

So now we’re not so young
Life’s not so easy and not so fun
But when I lay here and hold your hand
I couild be the King and this could be our land

If I’m honest and baby don’t get smug
You’re better than the best hit of any drug
You do more than just kill my pain
You make me feel like I’m alive again

They wise men say only fools rush in
But to love you this much sho' gotta be a sin
20 years have passed and we ain't changed
And 20 years later we'll still feel the same

Never say never because one day we'll know
That it's time for death to let us go
Gently lay your head on mine
We'll sleep this way until the end of time
Yeah I'll keep you safe until the end of time


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