When You FIndout That Your Purpse Is To Fail

 When you find that your only tallents are to fail and fall your eyes see only dessolation and darkness

Your mind has no comfort your hands cold your fingers stiff

Your heart encased in a steel trap tormented by the words that com in the form of crystalyn daggers

Your nerves are severed and frayed

Your eyes that once held a light of their own now hold only the reflection of a hollow soul

Your body betrays you and your mind tells all your secrets

You can do no right

Your kindest words are the very ones that cause the condeming of thoes dear to you

You try your hardest and are constantly told that its not ever going to be good enough

You are falling but are never given the grace of reaching the bottom

You are cursed to forever fail and fall

You will never stop failing this is your only gift

Do you dare accept it

Is acceptance worse then continueing to fail

Live with this question

Let it naw upon your heart

Let it haunt your dreams

You will never stop falling.

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leni sands 6 years ago from UK

Enjoyed reading, very deep!

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