When You Went to Heaven- Poem by Rebecca Wood

When You went to Heaven

I wrote this poem after I had thought I lost a dear friend to me. After crying for days and moping for a month I had come to find out that a cruel subject had simply pulled a "prank" on me. I couldn't have known because I was three states away. The thought that this person had a mother just disgusts me, but that is in the past. May this poem now be just something of beauty instead of sorrow.

I was sitting there thinking

Desperately drinking

One dark early morn'

Clinching your shirt, all blood stained and torn

Even through the blood and tears, it still has your smell

And I wish you not to know, when you went to heaven, I went to hell

When any of my friends see me, they can't help but turn away

Why? I don't know. Who knows what they say?

The devil's blood is the only thing that gets me by

Giving me whiskey stained breath and blood shot eyes

The way people look and stare at me I know they can tell

That when you went to heaven, I went to hell

I started living life like it was meant to be a sin

If I asked forgiveness, I wouldn't know were to begin

One day I finally dropped to my knees and I cried

Realizing that someday, I would have to say goodbye

And now everyone's saying that I am looking well

I still feel like when you went to heaven, that I went to hell

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BeccaWood profile image

BeccaWood 5 years ago from Southaven, MS Author

Tell me about it. It's a feeling I wish to never feel again.

Hubertsvoice 5 years ago

Very touching poem. It's sad that someome could rip someone's heart open like that for a joke

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