When a horse looks you in the eye .......Verse

Just what is it he is asking
Or what is he offering
in return
What ?
I have so often wondered
Except for a deep wet pool of soul
within the eye's
he speaks not though

As he reaches out his nose to
search out
his eyes to reflect
back within
What ?
What secret of life does
he see ?
Does he offer for free
for the sharing ?

Oh yes .......he knows much
he see's even more
And he see's you
as you are
Right to the bottom of your soul
through the misty haze
that holds your heart
locked within
your breast
he knows

And just as I pull that bridle
free of him and freeing him too
that saddle put away
to run as he will
He lowers that huge head
and that incredible heart
and places his nose
just under my arm
lifting me and lifting
all that I am

And he set's us both free

I owe you so much my friend

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ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 2 years ago Author

Thank you kindly Ruby ! You are so nice ........:-} Thanks for the smile

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