When the Night Comes

When the night comes, she fears of what will come.

The agony of knowing that she did nothing wrong, but still he hurts her even though he's wrong.

She spends the whole day with a smile on her face, no one even knows her most inner mistake.

Just to prove that he's a man, he will smack her down just because he can.

She never put's up a fight, she would rather have died that night.

That happy little daddy's girl that always had a smile on her face, is now dying from her worse mistake.

She never knew how pretty she was, his words always played above.

Her soul is gone, her heart is empty, she doesn't know how her life should be.

All she can do is just pray for the end, his last blow put her to rest.

She never got a chance to love, she will now get love from above.

She now lies in a mist of peace.

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inspector fidget profile image

inspector fidget 5 years ago from the US of A

Absolutely awesome!!

aallard23 profile image

aallard23 5 years ago from USA Author

Thank you!

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