You Are Here With Me

A love that demands undivided attention

When my body melts in the sight of you

When all my emotions are cut like live electrical wires moving vigorously

I have a love that never goes away

That never feels left out and alone

Even if it is just for the moment

I gather up my composer and dignity that has been shaken

My search has ended for the love that is never broken

I live the flip side of life when everything is moving on automatic

No unresolved thoughts

Just passion that won't rest

A love that can be explained in ten words or less

It is like....

free falling

a hot bubble bath

Moving up from honerable mention to leader of the pack

Having a women you never want to let go

No more lonelines for me

Only excitement that bubbles when I think

I can live a life that is special and sweet

That opens up my eyes to every emotion I lost

I can feel everything will be alright in the next moment

Let go of all the things that aggrivate me

I can feel your presence where ever I go

I know it is not just another day

It is my way of saying my love has bound us happily together at the wrists

I am so happy to be understood

It started and has never has stopped like a motor running indefinitely

Come and feel the love that is so deep

It makes us hurt if we ever forget

Living and seeing  the art of a masterpiece

That has been carefully sculpured

With two people in mind

Always testing and enjoying like a fine wine

That gives you that happy reoccuring feeling

Time after time

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Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS

Lovely! Captures so many fine-tuned emotions and senses. Rated up and beautiful!

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 6 years ago Author

Nellieanna I just see my life from my heart.It feels right and I love to share it.Thanks and off ot work I go.

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