Where Have My Thoughts Gone

OK I'm sitting here

twiddling my thumbs

I'm scared for the first time

my mind is blank

I'm trying to come up

with a thought I can't

put two coherent

words together

Shame on me I

think I've blown

a fuse I thought

I smelled smoke

and heard the smoke

alarm go off

Nothing yet, oh no

I hope this isn't the end

Come on, come on I

know I have something

left d**n shut my eyes

squeeze tight

That's not helping

now I have a headache

Well maybe this is a sign

to put down my pen

Wait, I think

something is happening

Yes, yes here it comes

oh d**n I just

needed to yawn

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ek ellis profile image

ek ellis 7 years ago Author

If you find my thoughts, please let me know

I*n*v*i*c*t*u*s profile image

I*n*v*i*c*t*u*s 7 years ago

I really like this...great moment to capture in expression! :)

Jess Killmenow profile image

Jess Killmenow 7 years ago from Nowheresville, Eastern United States

I find your thoughts :) and I like them!

ralwus 7 years ago

Did you look under your shadow? real cute.

ek ellis profile image

ek ellis 7 years ago Author

No, but I'll keep searching

Shalini Kagal profile image

Shalini Kagal 7 years ago from India

If you find them, let them loose on HubPages - we're going to love reading them!

philip carey 61 7 years ago

When emotions can't find words. How often I'm there! I liked this poem.

Chrisanta profile image

Chrisanta 5 years ago from Kansas

I love it. I can relate so much. Nice visual expression.

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