Where The Earth Meets Sky...Flesh Dances.


Where Earth Meets Sky, Flesh Dances.



At first you appeared

but I sought a firm

grip on your heart,
my words like pitons

pressed into
the crevices

of your brain,
poetic devices

driven in gently
as I ascended to

the hieghts of your love.

Loneliness clouded

our silhouettes,
against a sunset of despair,
but I have at long last reached
the pinnacle of your passion,
as your arms reached

 out to hold me tight.

Now we climb

what was once
on the rocks

to a paradise,
that leaves us

on top of the world.

I have challenged

the daunting walls
your reluctance had

set before us.

We are harnessed

to each others souls
as the icy grip of rejection,
shatters under the

hammering of two hearts.

We are one with nature,
love is our summit,
and we will bask

in the afterglow
of my climb

upon your
long unconquered needs,
towards the

heaven of two.



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