Where is the Progression?

God warned us about our nature
In the pages of the book
But the rainbow makes us feel invincible
While he thinks about the chance he took

To reveal the eternal conscience
Within a promise to his creation
We provoke him each day
As he glowers over his miscalculation

For in their rebelliousness
They found a freedom to rebel against one another
And though the love of God was alive
The love of self became more important than honor

And man taught each other how to fight

They governed themselves
Because they discovered God's vision
He told of man’s needs and their larceny
To cultivate the good required the threat of retribution

From God eyes
In the things he allows mankind to see
We know the end is near
But we forget when we feel free

We walk in a prison of our own choices
And what we choose is what makes us weak
As he renders his silent verdict upon us all
He knows the law is what we seek

Because love is too painful to endure

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