Wherever In Time


Wherever in time:


You feel like giving up just like what life has done

You feel left out defenseless worn-out unable to run

Life has bailed out on you all the back up trust is gone

You’re and no-one else alone with no shoulder to cry on

 No warm heart beside you at night to keep you warm until dawn

When you feel that life has crashed your only world

When thins blur the roads collapse when you feel absurd

When you feel like letting go and finally falling

When you take your last breath before drowning

Stop! Breathe you know that life goes on

You know that for you have to hold on

Call my name and I will be there

I’ll be there to brush your fair hair

To wipe those hushed tears of yours

To weep and drain out all your remorse

When you feel so scared your heart eternally burns

I’ll be there to breathe for you extinguish your fears

When you turn to the radio in your room high

To hide those cries and empty life for a lie

I’ll speed-flash to be by your side to hold you in my arms

I’ll never leave you until you’re ready to banish all what harms

When your blindness turns to despair

I’ll be your eyes your guiding flair

I’ll be the source of life, your air

I’ll be your nightingale in a gate the sings

I’ll be your savior your extra pair of wings

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k@ri profile image

k@ri 7 years ago from Sunny Southern California

Lovely poem. I would so love to hear this said to me! :D

ralwus 7 years ago

How sweet of you Uriel. this is so nice I also would like to hear you recite it just to me. ahhhh

Uriel profile image

Uriel 7 years ago from Lebanon Author

K@ri, thanks for stopping by. I really loved the comment And Ralwus, thanks for the positive support. It means a lot. About reciting it (i'd probably make a clown out of myself the fist few minutes, but for you guys i'll do it :D..Once i get over the first few seconds, i promise you it will flow like a natural current.

Thanks a lot and Keep in touch

Cris A profile image

Cris A 7 years ago from Manila, Philippines


I like this - I knew you're the sweetest thing deep inside! Ha! You can't fool me. And hey thanks for the reassurance :D

Uriel profile image

Uriel 7 years ago from Lebanon Author

Cris! Thannks, and it is poetry that makes us try all different masks and emotions. So we can be whoever and whatever we want. Don't worry there is good (though in different portions ) in every soul :D

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