While Dreaming Of My Childhood Sweetheart.


While Dreaming Of

My Childhood Sweetheart.




The little boy in me
ran giggling like a
wild tumbleweed

to play with her
in the meadows

 of maybeland
where no one

ever grows old.

There the sun is always

ten years warm..
and puddles are

whole worlds to wade in...
sail paper boats...

and watch clouds

drift earthbound
in the rains mirror...

We hold hands

and dash over meadows
of forget-me-nots and chase

all the grown up doldrums
with a butterfly net..

.casting them into a cave
and sealing it with big smiles.....

Then we share

endless hours of
nothing to do

but have fun...
be funny and laugh

at the silliest things..
and this goes on as it used to
when we were younger

...forever and a grin

After an eternity

or so it seems to me 

with a breathless

 fear and elation
I kiss her on

her dainty cheek
and run away before

the blush breaks full.


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