"Whining For Wine" - Poem of Desire

Passionate Red Wine being poured.
Passionate Red Wine being poured. | Source

"Whining For Wine"

Wine is a meadow

Of cushioned green hills,

Fresh visions daring to be picked.

The surrounding sounds sharp

Like angels in the air,

A liquid candy lollipop tempting to be licked.

Gold white wine is a quick kiss

In the rain - sweet and chill.

Blood red wine is a spicy and passionate

Embrace on a window sill.

Wine is the sun shining through

The dark clouds - mellow.

It's therapeutic drinkable notes;

The gushy music of grapes soon to bellow.

Wine becomes an ocean of life,

Desires wild but elegant.

It wraps its fingers around places once,

The perfume of its flavors so fragrant.


The sun shining through dark clouds.
The sun shining through dark clouds. | Source

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© 2012 Alyssa Scheidemann

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rahul0324 profile image

rahul0324 4 years ago from Gurgaon, India

Comes out very strong... beautifully done

Dee42 profile image

Dee42 4 years ago from Beautiful Arkansas

Very pretty, I could see your words, perfect in my opinion. Most excellent.

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