Whispered in the Wind - A Poem



This was one of those simple poems that almost seems to write itself. I have no real thoughts as to what the inspiration was, although I have a few ideas. Either way, I wanted to share it with you all. I hope you enjoy.

Whispered in the Wind

I hear your name

Whispered in the wind

And I fall in love all over again.

Find myself running through

The meadows within my dreams.

Retracing the memories

Deep within my mind.

And still your name I hear

Whispered in the wind.

Each morning, as I walk

The gentle wind carries your voice.

As though speaking to me

From some faraway place unknown.

Those words of wisdom

Whispered in the wind.

And I feel strength in knowing

That I never walk the path alone.

With your guiding words

Whispered in the wind

© 2014 Christopher J Wood

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Rafiq23 profile image

Rafiq23 2 years ago from Pakistan

Nice poem! Poetry is all about inspiration. Without inspiration, any poetry composed won't be impressive, pleasant and appealing. It would be a product of intellect not emotion.

CJWood71 profile image

CJWood71 2 years ago from Florida, USA Author

I agree, inspiration is everything. Thank you for taking the time to read my words and leaving your comments.

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