Whispering Silence

Silenced into the deep dark willows of the forest. Yes, the blackened trees whisper to each other as I pass by them with a blessed greeting. The air, full of mist with fire flies in mind, glowing to their lifestyle as if it were burned. A sudden hush of the whispering trees brought me to an abrupt stop.

Still, silence was there to keep me moving, so I kept walking blissfully timid through the wood. The crunch of twigs at my feet made the crickets sing in a tuned tone that kept the trees from scaring me. Though I thought to myself with the forest and all its beauty, there be a forest so alone in the world with no one to accompany it. The trees begin to whisper, in a soft silk elegy, crept upon me bringing a sad and sympathetic tear.

I knew then, what the lonely forest meant by their whisper, for if I left it would wither and wallow along with the creatures of the neon moons light of the dark that is the forest. Then in a moment bearing a gift, I gave them all silence.

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