Whispering Flower (poem)

A flower whispered to me

Upon a summer’s day

I thought that I was dreaming

Or that my wits did stray

But then again I heard it

A wonder I must say


What did it have to tell me

What gave its petals sound

The marvel of this moment

Would fairytales astound

As ear and heart I gave to

This beauty from the ground


Such mysteries expected

I thought would reach my ear

So much misunderstanding

I thought it would make clear

Yet I was struck by much more

At what I soon would hear


It asked of me to pick it

An act which spelled its end

I asked it for a reason

To which its tears would rend

I said please cast your sorrow

For you have found a friend


It sweetly beckoned of me

Please listen to my plea

A future is approaching

Which here I couldn’t see

So I plucked the flower’s wish

To spread its mystery


Suddenly I sensed a girl

A dream spun to my side

And there within gazing eyes

Was spark we couldn’t hide

Then as I gave her a gift

I knew why flower died

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bravewarrior profile image

bravewarrior 21 months ago from Central Florida

OMG, this is awesome, Martin! And choosing Yanni to top it off.... well, you're a man who speaks to my heart.

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