White - Poem (revised)


There is a door at the end of my room that unlocks

the path to the valleys. a cold brass knob tingles to

the touch; like an electric wave flowing through every

fibre of me.

Bright red chakras are glowing diamonds in the dark,

one, two, three...humming notes of my breath take me

deep into a trance. I am numb, my mind a blank page.

I walk on water, float on air, sun on my skin, wind through

my hair, I am gone from here. Gone from the pain of losing

you, far away from the image of your polished garland framed

face that hangs on my wall.

I have awakened my senses; if I were a bird, I would fly away.

But I am not a bird, so my soul wanders aimlessly. My heart

no longer bleeds. No more tears, no more screams,

no more pain, I am finally free.

The body restores as my temple, burns have healed, bruises

have vanished, the cuts are no longer deep.

A blinding light, my world no longer black.

No more burdens, no more regrets I am pure ―

like the colour White.

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Anna Haven profile image

Anna Haven 3 years ago from Scotland

This was very captivating writing. Great work.

Kavita Trivedi profile image

Kavita Trivedi 3 years ago from London Author

Thank you Anna for stopping by to like my work

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