Who Can Heal the Wounds of Our World?

Who can heal our wounds on this Earth,

as blood is flowing from open sores,

Green forests are all coming down,

the dead and dying wash upon ocean's shores.

Carelessness and a wasteful living,

has long past threatened our own demise,

As babies long for their mothers caress,

what futures will they all despise?

Must we die and then just to waste away,

from this once beautiful world we've all had,

Leaving nothing for anyone to share,

to live in horrors and in a time, that's so sad?

The great blue fish and birds of the air,

cry in terror, and they feel much pain,

As by the hands of such selfish kinds,

having no care, for those that are slain.

Our God's creation was once so revered,

by the humblest of our blessed earth

What price can be put upon all life here,

and just what is the sum of its worth?

No finer treasure could be valued by any,

if we all searched for a milluion years,

How much pain and distress can creatures so bare,

amid torture and crying tears?

Did our Father put us all here to enjoy and share,

the bounty of this grand world,

After receiving the wonders of his benevolent gift,

should it then to oblivion, be hurled?

When will greed and carelessness of some be quelled,

and all so given due respect,

The realization of its significance at stake,

and of how much of this world it does affect?

God, send down your blessed rain,

for thirsty souls are waiting upon this earthly clay,

Heal all the wounds of your creatures here,

please hasten your love, we all pray.

Then change the minds of the wrongdoing ones,

to live for others, and just to care,

Such wonders and marvels are too great to lose,

and with your mercy and grace to us, spare.

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teaches12345 profile image

teaches12345 4 years ago

You have posted a wonderful prayer. Sometimes the world leaves us feeling a bit depressed when all seems to be chaotic. We hurt much. Yes, We look to Him to heal our wounds. Great poem!

aviannovice profile image

aviannovice 4 years ago from Stillwater, OK

Yes, this is the way that it should be. Once everyone realizes the marvels in our own back yard, then will things turn around. For the sake of our endangered, I hope it to be soon.

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