Who Should Play Dimitri Belikov in the Vampire Academy Movie


Richelle Mead, the author of the Vampire Academy Series has decided to option off these popular vampire books for a movie. This series has risen in popularity and fans everywhere are anxious and excited about seeing one of their favorite series getting its chance on the big screen.

This is a continuation of the article "Who should Rose play in the Vampire Academy Movie", but here we are going to be discussion Dimitri Belikov. The strong, sexy Guardian Dhampir Rose Hathaway has an ongoing romance with in the books.

You can check out some of the other characters at the below links.

Rose Hathaway

Dimitri Belikov

Now that is a handsome group of men there, and really I think I could fall in love with any of them, but Dimitri requires some special attention here. Dimitri is tall, strong, sexy, and silent. He is a strong fighter, and strict teacher. He also turns Strigoi in the third book, so that is something to keep in mind as well. Dimitri has a deep Russian accent, and intense eyes that create an aura of fierceness within him. Dimitri is also young, and by young I mean in his mid twenties, he's older than Rose, but still young enough for their love not to be gross. 

The crowd favorite here is Ben Barnes and Andrei Andrei (commonly referred to as BB or AA, respectively). Among the other fan favorites are Danila Kozlovsky, Taylor Kitsch, Jaren Padelecki, Channing Tatum, and Rick Malambri. 


My favorite out of this group of gorgeous guys is Danlia Kozlovsky, he is dark, handsome and come from Russia, so you know he has the accent down pat! He does seem a little old for the part, but I think Andrei Andrei is also a bit old for the part.

Ben Barnes is the fan favorite and there is no doubt that he is smoking hot and sexy too, but I don't see him having the build I imagine for Dimitri.

Taylor Kitsch is also a fan favorite, but while he does have the notoriously long hair we all invision Dimitri to have, he doesn't seem to hold himself in that all encompassing masculine manner we all feel Dimitri has.

As for Jared Padelecki, while he played a good soldier on Supernatural, he doesn't have Dimitri written on him anywhere.

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Who Should Play Dimitri Belikov in the Vampire Academy Movie?

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Teodora Ivanova 'Belikova' 6 years ago

Danila is winning for now!!!! But Ben is right after him!!! God i love the both man so so much!! :D

Sophia Angelique 6 years ago

Nice article. I'm voting it up. :)

taylor chin 6 years ago

that's an awesome article!! i just voted and must say very good for posting this thank you :D

Renee 6 years ago

Andrei Andrei is perfect for the role of Dimitri........he is from Romania & so I think he will have no trouble with a Russian Accent,he has the looks,acting & modelling experience and he is interested in auditioning for the role of Dimitri,I know because I'm friends with him on face book

Fay 6 years ago

I agree with Renee, Andrei Andrei is perfect for the role plus AA is younger than BB, so he is not to old for the role. Plus he is interested in the role...

AA is My Dimitri :)

tristin 6 years ago

i like ben he just seems to fit for me and andrei andrei would be ok but bb is better and hotter :)

Jewel531 profile image

Jewel531 6 years ago from Bethesda, Maryland Author

Thanks Sophia!!! I love the VA community - such awesome people!

abby 5 years ago


kulotz 5 years ago

ben barnes!!!

Doritos 5 years ago

ben barnes of course!!!

Liz 5 years ago

Andrei Andrei would be amazing for the part but Ben Barnes just has that brooding mysterious edge when he acts and those eyes. *sigh*

Gaby 5 years ago

BEN BARNES. I just cant picture any other guy playing the role. Ben fits the description perfectly... and im sure that if he pulled off the mediterranean accent in prince caspian, he an pull off a Russian accent.

Selena 5 years ago

Ben Barnes totally fits the role as Dimitri Belikov and no one else has the look like Ben has so Go Ben Barnes! Trust me if they put another guy as Dimitri they would had made it Blaa!

Resti 5 years ago

I'd definitely vote for Ben Barnes!!!

Ehhmmm... can i vote for myself for Rose Hathaway? lol :p

Maddie 5 years ago

im so happy ben barnes needs to play dimitri!!!!!!!!!!!! and so far its goin to happen :}

kulotz 5 years ago

i hope the management will try to speed up a bit coz ben has 3 movies lined up for him in 2012. when is the casting going to start? stop that turtle pace. offer ben the role. BEN! BEN! BEN!!!!!

Hanan 5 years ago

I agree with every one who says Ben Barnes for my love Dimitri :D but he doesn't have muscle that's problem and i hope if he works he can make a realy sexy body (That will be good for the girl who will pay Rose)

ALBell 5 years ago

I have to say Andrei Andrei for Dimitri. he has the rough tough look that Dimitri needs he also has the body for the role. All he needs is hair that's a little longer and hes perfect!

Kate 5 years ago

Ben Barnes the one I picked and I want him to be the one to be in th show/movie. He will be a good preson for this.

Milah 4 years ago

Ben Barnes all the way!he is the best choice for Dimitri,and he as talent...Andrei Andrei is model,and I do not think he has as much experience as an actor .... because the first thing they look is the talent, something that Ben Barnes has plenty ... ? just need a dose of Bodybuilding: D

sam 4 years ago

i know everyone likes ben barnes but in my opinion, ben is too skinny and too pale and has no stubble. In the book dimka is described having tanned skin, a little stubble and very muscly. I think there should be someone new but on this list i think Danila Kozlovsky would be good. He is tan, has stubble (maybe a bit too much!), and of course is RUSSIAN!!!! He would need longer hair, though.

IvanaDyP 4 years ago


I'm surprised that he's not there, as an option. :/

But from the boys that are there, Ben Barnes. :)

Erica 4 years ago

I don't think any of the men above have the look to be Dimitri. While I think Channing is totally gorgeous he just wouldn't be right for the role neither are any of the others

Rose Dimka 4 years ago

i think ben barnes is the best person for this role he has long dark hair brown eyes he look so sweet but so strong and protective .


Rose 4 years ago

Ben Barnes must be Dimka. Dimka has got long and soft hair and brown eyes Ben Barnes Too.Dimka is so good warrior and guardian,also he has got a russian accent and Ben played a role of a russians so he can have this russian acccent Too.And the MOST IMPORTANT of all Dimitri Belikov is described in the book as a strong and wild man who in fact is so sensitive sweet and protective especially at the people that he love and most of all Rose and that is Ben Barnes Too. BEN WE LOVE U SO MUCH

Ebony 4 years ago

100% Andrei Andrei!!

fafiliebe 4 years ago


cdolphina2 profile image

cdolphina2 4 years ago from Missouri, United States

Personally, I do not think Channing Tatum would make a good Dimitri. Ben Barnes or Jared Padalecki are the best candidates for this part. Ben just has to beef up a bit, and he should be good to go. When I was reading the books, I always saw Ben Barnes as Dimitri. While Andrei Andrei has the looks and the accent, he is a model and has no acting experience. The actor that plays Dimitri needs to be experienced. For these reasons, I think that Ben or Jared, as mentioned afore, are the best actors for the role of Dimitri

cdolphina2 profile image

cdolphina2 4 years ago from Missouri, United States


Liss 4 years ago


Mist 4 years ago

How could you put such a major spoiler in the article? About Dimitri in the 3rd book! Now, I've read the series more than 7 times, but as the movie news and upcoming release will draw in new fans who haven't read it, you are ruining one of the biggest surprises in the book series. Delete that line ASAP!

Jewel531 profile image

Jewel531 3 years ago from Bethesda, Maryland Author

Thanks Mist - that is a great suggestion, I will take that line out now.

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