Who am I? Poem by:Latanya Williams


Who am I?

Who am I?

I am the wind blowing the trees;

I am the sun shinning down upon the sea;

I am the person crying at night;

I am the fearless person who wants to fight ;

I am the shadow which is made by light;

And the answer that comes out right!

Who am I?

I am Life

By: Latanya Williams

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rjsadowski profile image

rjsadowski 5 years ago

Keep writing poetry. I find that it helps me to say things that I can't express in other forms.

Lyrickkw profile image

Lyrickkw 5 years ago from PHILADELPHIA Author

I will continue to keep writing!

lyns profile image

lyns 5 years ago from USA

OMG, I love this poem thanks so much for sharing it, the words are so real and they way you connected them awesome, I gave it ups and all the goodies. I like your style

Lyrickkw profile image

Lyrickkw 5 years ago from PHILADELPHIA Author

Thank you for you comment! It very meant alot to me. I write according to how I feel and how I see others deal with current issues. Thank you again and to everyone else who has supported me in my writings.

lyns 5 years ago

Lyrickkw, your welcome thanks for sharing I hope you have a wonderful day, I truly enjoyed your writing

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