Who is a Muslim

Who is a Muslim?

This has a reference to the post by Kashi N Chaudhry shared Zeshan Mirza, 20.3.2014.

Accusation of being an apostate and the denial of being not an apostate, and the claim of being a Muslim and the denial from being not a non- Muslim, is all an internal mode of the arguments, suited for philological analysis and is an inferred ancestral defect in the classes of the various category Muslim.

If a person calls him a Muslim, he is a Muslim and as to his belief; how much he beliefs and how much is his knowledge that is the category and the station that not a Molvi will determine. No ordinary Muslim is that deep in knowledge to know all the edicts and the Sharia. He knows only the basic given by the 2nd Sura in Aayet 1.

If the man believes the Prophet SAWW is not the last Prophet, he will fall flat on his face, since the Prophet SAWW is the last Prophet with his morals, his authority, deliberations and his accomplishment. But look even with all this, the great Prophet was ignored and challenged, when on his death bed, he was told by no less a zealot than Hazrat Umer, who told him; Hasbuna Kitabullah - the Book of God is enough for us.

The Ahmadis ar better than Hazrat Umer. See definition of a Muslim by Imam Jafar Sadiq A.S. teacher of Islamic theory and practice to Imam Malik and Imam Abu Hanifa, who says: “Anyone who calls him a Muslim is a Muslim.”

This is a very important analysis and it should be taken to the houses of the Parliament of Pakistan, who declared the Ahmadis non-Muslims. We have to stick to the un-deviated principles of veracity, which are the assets of Islam.

And as for the Ahmadis, they can go on reducing the status of the Prophet SAWW, they will get nowhere. The rest will pride fully go on defending the Prophet. It all serves knowledge.


Sayed Athar Husain

Afkar-e Shia


20. 3. 2014.


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