House of Night is a star in the YA genre

The first book in the House of Night series, Marked, was published in May of 2007.  As of now, there are eight books in the series (there will be twelve) and they have spent 63 weeks on the New York Times Best Seller List.  There are over 7 million copies of these books in print in North America alone.

Welcome to the House of Night..

Welcome to a universe where humans and vampyres live together in harmony..sort of. In this saga, the vamps are real and the humans know all about them. Science has proven that for some reason some teenagers have a junk DNA strand that triggers their "Change" to vampyre. When this happens, the teens are Marked by the vampyre Goddess, Nyx, with the outline of a sapphire blue crescent moon on their foreheads, and they enter the House of Night boarding school. These kids, or fledglings as they're called, have to leave their human lives, families, and friends all behind them to embrace their new destinies. Yes, eventually they will all crave blood, but they don't become bloodsucking monsters like vampires have been portrayed in popular culture. They are beautiful, talented, rich, super strong beings that live for hundreds of years. The big drawback, however, is that 1 in 10 fledglings will die before they turn 18 if their body rejects the Change. To help keep the fledglings healthy, they are required to eat healthy foods, exercise regularly and stay almost constantly within a coven of vampyres.

Meet Zoey Redbird. She's a normal sixteen-year-old girl who only wants a place where she can belong and be herself. She's stressing about her almost boyfriend, Heath and worrying about passing geometry, and has no idea that her life is about to be turned upside down. When she enters the House of Night her crescent tattoo is already filled in, something that's never been seen in a fledgling before. Longing to be normal, she tries to embrace her new life. Soon, she realizes she's been gifted with an affinity for all five elements (air, fire, water, earth and spirit) by Nyx and she's destined to be much, much more than just the 'normal' fledgling she'd hoped to be.

Five Reasons Why I Love This Series!

A good friend of mine recommended this series to me and I'm very happy she did. In the past year I've been exploring a lot of new authors and genres and I'm so glad I decided to broaden my horizons. Here are five reasons why I love these books!

1.) The fictional universe they've created for their story: These ladies have taken our reality and woven it into a very fun alternate universe of sorts where actors, singers, poets, authors and the like are all (mostly) vampires. If it wasn't for the fact that there are vampires in the book, you'd think it was just a normal glimpse into our world. It's different but the same, and that makes it more fun in my opinion.

2.)The characters: The characters in these books become your friends, they are so well developed. They are very real and they can make you laugh or break your heart all within a page sometimes. There are no cookie cutter characters in this series, even the "villians" have depth and personality. I think my favorite thing about Zoey, our main character, is that she is a real kid and she worries about things that normal kids stress over (ie; hair, boys, homework, money) and she's not perfect. She makes mistakes and that makes her more likable in my opinion.

3.) Plot: There is seriously never a dull moment in these books. The action is fast paced and you don't ever see the end coming. But the twists aren't outlandish and over the top, either. I know guys who love this series as much as I do. It just grabs you and doesn't let go. Just when you think you have things figured out, it shifts again and you're riveted.

4.) Mythology, History, Pop Culture, Magic & Vampires: These books have so much depth. They include a lot about history and mythology into the story. The characters are reading some of the same books I am, they watch the same tv shows that my friend's teenage daughter enjoys. Add to that the classic theme of good battling evil and the magic of the elements and it really entertains.

5.) Style: The way these books are written makes it so easy to fly right through them without stopping. The Casts write them so well that it seems like you are in their world with them and you're experiencing everything as you read it. I find myself laughing out loud and gasping in surprise as I read. And they always leave you wanting more.

Mother & daughter writing team, P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast.
Mother & daughter writing team, P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast.

About the Authors

The series is written by P.C Cast and her daughter, Kristin Cast. P.C Cast, (born Phyllis Christine Cast) was born in Watseka, Illinois and moved to Oklahoma later. After she graduated from high school, she joined the US Air Force and began public speaking and writing.  When her tour with the Air Force was over, she taught high school in Tulsa, Oklahoma for fifteen years then retired to write full time. The idea for the House of Night series came from her agent, who said she should write about a vampire finishing school. Aside from the House of Night series, she also writes a series of books for adults called Goddess Summoning and another Young Adult series, the Parthalon books.

Kristin Cast is currently working on her first solo novel, she's a communications major at the University of Tulsa.  She has won awards for her poetry.  She hopes to one day open a no kill dog rescue shelter in midtown Tulsa.

Interview with P.C. & Kristin Cast!

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Laurie 5 years ago

You hit the nail on the head again Mel!! You describe the series and the reasons for loving it so well that if I wasn't already a HUGE fan, I would be now. The House of Night Series is one that appeals to teens as well as us moms. The characters are real, and developed in a way that makes you really feel like you know them. The books are so action packed that you can't wait to start the next one each time you finish one. Keep 'em coming!! And keep writing for us Mel :)

Lissa Lynn profile image

Lissa Lynn 5 years ago from upstate NY Author

Thanks Laurie!! I love this series so much! :)

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