Wilamina the Ladybug

The Day the Winds Came

Wilamina was a ladybug with bright red caps over her delicate wings and six little feet. She had eight children, whom she loved dearly, and she worked over in the honeysuckle bush with the other ladybugs keeping afids away from the flowers.

Wilamina and her family lived in small tulip flower down by the dirt lane, next to a large bush full of tiny, green leaves that her children liked to play in. Each day, Wilamina would fly off to the honeysuckle bush and her children would join the other kids in the bush playing hide and seek, I spy, Preying Mantis and Grasshoppers, and Mother May I.

But today was special. Today, Wilamina was going to give her children a big surprise. Today, was Wilamina's birthday and Wilamina was going to bring home everyone's favorite cake. A great big Honeysuckle Cake with Daisy Frosting. And as she worked hard keeping the afids out of the honeysuckle bush, Wilamina thought of all the smiles her children would have when she came home carrying the large cake.

What Wilamina did not know was that a big storm had been brewing nearby. Lightning flashed and thunder boomed in the cloud. Large drops of rain were falling. And worst of all for a ladybug, great gusts of wind swirled around the storm shaking trees, making dust fly, and rattling bushes. The storm rolled through the sky and soon the honeysuckle bush where Wilmina worked began to shake so hard all of the flowers were blown away and so were the afids!

Poor Wilmina was hardly able to hang on as the branches swayed back and forth, back and forth. And Wilmina thought she might get sick. But what worried Wilmina most of all, was that she knew her kids were playing in the large bush with little, green leaves and weren't safe at home in the tulip.

In the large bush with little, green leaves, Wilamina's eight children, Jacob, Adam, Brenda, Winny, Alfred, Elizabeth, Timothy, and Little Kathy were playing hide and go seek. None of the other children had come to play in the bush today. Then the wind began to blow, hard and fast, knocking the bush this way and that. Jacob had been It and he had found all but Little Kathy when the wind began to blow. Jacob, Adam, Brenda, Winny, Alfred, Elizabeth, and Timothy held onto each other as the bush shook and large drops of rain fell on them. But poor Little Kathy was carried from her hiding spot on the very top leaf away into the storm!

Timothy had heard Little Kathy calling for help and while holding onto Elizabeth's hand pushed through the rain and wind to climb towards the top leaf of the bush. But Elizabeth was holding Alfred's hand, who was holding Winny's hand, who was holding Jacob's hand, who was holding Adam's hand, who was holding Brenda's hand, and they were all following Timothy up to the top leaf of the bush where they saw Little Kathy trying to fly against the wind and back to the bush.

They didn't know what to do! Jacob was the tallest so he tried first to reach out his hand to Little Kathy. But he couldn't reach her. Then Elizabeth, the strongest flier, tried to fly over to Little Kathy, but the wind was too strong. Adam took a small branch and held it out to Little Kathy but the branch was too short. Winny tried to cheer Little Kathy into flying harder and faster but Little Kathy couldn't hear her over the thunder. Alfred tried to make a rope of the little, green leaves to help pull Little Kathy back but he couldn't get enough leaves to weave together. Every time he grabbed one leaf, the other one he had was blown away by the wind.

Then Brenda got an idea. Why don't we make a chain of ladybugs to reach Little Kathy! Jacob would be at the bottom of the chain because he was the tallest, and Elizabeth would be at the other end of the chain because she was the strongest flier. And they could all hold hands so that they would not be blown away by the wind!

So Jacob grabbed the top most branch of the large bush with little, green leaves, Brenda took his over hand, and Alfred took her hand, and Adam took his hand, and Winny took his hand, and Timothy took her hand, and Elizabeth took his hand. Then they tried to reach Little Kathy, who was getting very tired of all this flying and was ready to be carried off by the wind.

First the wind pushed them around and around, the Elizabeth began to fly up and up towards Little Kathy and soon she had Little Kathy by the hand. Jacob, seeing that Little Kathy had Elizabeth's hand, started to pull everyone back. Brenda was pulled back first and she helped Jacob pull. Then Alfred was pulled back. Then Adam and Winny. Then Timothy and Elizabeth and finally Little Kathy was pulled back into the bush.

The storm passed and Wilamina raced back to her tulip house. It was a mess! The tulip had swayed so much in the wind that every cabinet was open and dishes were thrown around, so was all of the food, and the presents her children had given this morning for her birthday were ruined. But, worst of all, no children! Wilmina started to cry, thinking the storm had carried them away when she heard some singing. Wilmina ran to the window.

There was Jacob and Elizabeth, Winny and Alfred, Brenda and Adam, and Timothy holding onto Little Kathy's hand, singing their way home from the large bush with little, green leaves. Wilmina ran from the house towards them and flung her arms around them in a hug and took them inside. Together they started to clean up the mess that they storm had made of their home. And when her children saw that all of her presents were ruined they started to cry but Wilamina said, "Don't cry. You already gave me the best present in the world."

"What present?" they asked.

Wilamina hugged them and said, "You!"

"You!" | Source

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