Will You Marry Me?

Will You Marry Me?

Marry Me....

Passion flows beneath my wings as i fly into destiny. My heart beats with honesty when our lips touch. Chills runs up and down my spine when you are near. When i kiss your lips it taste like fruits of sweet love. My love for you runs as deep as the sea as long as the Great Wall of China. My life would not be complete without you. I want us to spend eternity loving each other without worries or cares. So my love i'm asking you this day, this year, this moment. Will You Marry Me?

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Ricemedia5 4 months ago

Great poem...

MightyJoe 4 months ago

Awe, i love this poem :)

Charliemurry 4 months ago


Pipe Lalow 4 months ago

I would defiantly use this poem.

Teboz20 4 months ago

Beautiful words.

Hiphops Best Poet profile image

Hiphops Best Poet 4 months ago

Wonderfully written..

LaFinest profile image

LaFinest 4 months ago

This is so passionate. Great words of expression.

Leroy Hines 4 months ago

Oh my... This is so beautiful.

JackieKing34 4 months ago

I'm so in love with this poem.

Tony601 profile image

Tony601 4 months ago

This poem has giving me so much love and life. It's a wonderful proposal.

Tony601 profile image

Tony601 4 months ago

Pure love poetry!

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