Willow Wisps


Willow Wisps.


Summertime shrinks me to halcyon days,
as a young boy at play, in the warmth of it's rays.

My mind slips free of its cathedral of bone,
to the joys of my youth in a place I called home.

Willow trees bid me climb to the rooms their limbs hold,
that seem so much smaller now that I have grown old.

What wonders I pondered in the crook of their shade,
where imagination wandered in an endless parade.

Once I was a pirate in a ship made of bark,
with a branch as a sword plundering until dark.

I'd often play Tarzan swinging high from that tree,
dropping down in a whoosh to Jane waiting for me.

But my dear Jane was Dani catty-cornered, next door,
my first love whose beauty warms my heart evermore.

Innocence set the boundaries for my soul filled with bliss,
never going beyond holding hands and a kiss.

I grew up in the projects, thirty kids to each block,
but her blue eyes still haunt me when I turn back the clock.

It's gone now, torn down, a golf course took its place,
and each year when I walk there I still see her face.

That's why God gave us memories for moments we cherish,
endless chances to relive the good times that perish.

Summer bids me return during the splendor of June,
to dreams of my childhood that were gone far too soon.



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Green Lotus 7 years ago from Atlanta, GA

Beautiful. I really enjoyed the imagery - and the picture too.

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