And I just want to go home. I want to spread my wings, not my proverbial ones mind you, but my literal ones- and take flight from their naked and infinite beauty. To sail pass white clouds and shed my wrinkling-fading skin. Shed the people in my life. Shed any nonsensical purpose that keeps me bound to the stigmas adorned on my crown of sociality. I want to fly away from you.

So I stand before you this very moment to use you; to take advantage of your eyes and ears. I am here to tempt your senses and trifle with your minds. I want to feed on your emotion- I want to evoke my wings with your plight, fears, hopes, and disasters to pull them from the hollow spaces inside me. I want them to rip the flesh from my back to be released. I want to sacrifice my own blood for flight- so that I may fly away from you.

So let me fly fly fly, so high high high, and be among the stars.  Ive wanted to fly away so long, that I barely remember why now, and I wonder why I need all of you to levitate. Maybe ill never know, but my slanted halo folds and bends like your shapes and trends. So I don’t know what that means, and neither do you in your circles of speak. Maybe the stars know. So, that’s where ill go.



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ek ellis profile image

ek ellis 5 years ago

Deep poetry, speaking from your soul, a really powerful hub

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