Winning Power

Power to Win

You walk past me every brightly-lit day,

Your sorry projection, hardly seeming to sway.

Heavy eyelids battling to stay up,

Lips lacking color, doing the majestic flop.

Expressionless eyes tell of distant worlds

While your body - a drooping, dragging piece of log -

Precariously placed - "Stay?"......"Move forward?"

You say that you have tried

Yet your confession, your attitude belies.

Pouring from you like a river full,

A sense of doom into which you've been pulled.

And though the morning brings sunshine,

Its faithfulness,

Your small world is lit too, with blackness......


Subject yourself no longer to such a "boo"

Strength to win

Lies within you.

Dig, dig deep for this treasured gold -

YOU, resiliently extraordinaire, God fearfully created,

Will unfold.


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