Winter Carnival.


Winter carnival



Like vast fields
of sno-cones
laid out in
fluffy piles,
the earth is
wiped clean
of green,
and left
a frozen canvas,
for the
snowsuits to
paint smiles upon.
Carousels of dancing
frozen figures
no two alike
twirl in swirls
through the air
in long spirals
spinning through the wind
to the ground
a huge fat man
in a top hat
draws admirers
to his fixed position
his coal black eyes
glint like ice
his deformed
orange nose
and his legless
anatomy dressed
only in a scarf
a bit of a freak
for all to stand
in awe of
the winter carnival
has arrived
and the masses
all rush to see
the first of
its many
frosted delights
catching tiny
bits of sugar
on their tongues
as they frolic in
its white sawdusted

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