Wintertime Coming

The wind carries us forward

Blowing mightily

Where there was a green field yesterday

There is now mud and soggy leaves

Nothing, nothing is the same

The same as it was before

You begin to wonder

Where to find comfort

Where to find shelter

From the bitter cold of winter

As the land begins to freeze

And the rivers slow down

Soon they’ll no longer flow

But shine smoothly

Under the cold winter sun

Frozen in their splendor

Until the spring thaws

Trees like sculptures

Reaching toward gray skies

Once splendid in emerald green

They now wait for the snow

To decorate them in white

Nothing familiar anymore

Nothing dreamlike

Only cold and vast endless land

Stretching for miles around

Even the forest is keeping silent

As all the animals have gone to slumber

And you begin to think

Couldn’t it become a fairy tale land?

If all of the evergreens

Where decorated in Christmas glory

Soon silver white flakes

Will fill the skies

And cover the ground

In a blanket of white

And I often wonder

As I gaze up into the starry night

Why at this time even the stars

Seem to be twinkling in a frozen sky

As I await for the snow fall

To turn my world into a winter wonderland again

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wetnosedogs profile image

wetnosedogs 3 years ago from Alabama

Enjoyed this winter- on-the-way poem

profile image

Rayne123 3 years ago

Love it

Hot coca by a big Window watching snowfall by crackling fire at a winter lodge



always exploring profile image

always exploring 3 years ago from Southern Illinois

You described the season perfectly. It is not my favorite season but, i loved your poem...

jhamann profile image

jhamann 3 years ago from Reno NV

Our winter wonderland is here, and it is so beautiful. I hope that you and your family is having a great holiday season. Jamie

BlossomSB profile image

BlossomSB 3 years ago from Victoria, Australia

Beautiful poem. It's supposed to be summer here and for a couple of days last week it was 35 C, but it's 16 today and snowing on the mountains! I'm glad your seasons are doing the right thing. A white Christmas! We can only dream.

ImKarn23 profile image

ImKarn23 3 years ago

White stuff? Wait no longer - just come visit! White prevails - as far as the eye can see! We've been hit with a 2 week storm up here in Canada - a foot and a half of snow and minus 30 degrees! Tra la trala..


Wanna visit? You could wait till January, but, i wouldn't recommend it! lol

Theater girl profile image

Theater girl 3 years ago from New Jersey

The times in between waiting for something are sometimes the hardest....or the best. This poem I think touches on both! And very vivid imagery!

leni sands profile image

leni sands 3 years ago from UK

Wonderful poem certainly feels cold enough at the moment even here in the UK. The images you describe are defined so well. Voted up Awesome and Beautiful

lisavanvorst profile image

lisavanvorst 3 years ago from New Jersey

You depicted winter to be a beautiful season. Nicely Written.

Genna East profile image

Genna East 3 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

I love winter, and you portrayed it so well, Rasma. There is promise in what lay, waiting, in respite for the rebirth of all things beautiful. :-)

Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

Gypsy Rose Lee 3 years ago from Riga, Latvia Author

Hope you are all having a relaxing Sunday. We have day three of snow fall and a white winter wonderland.

Glad you enjoyed this wetnosedogs.

Always best to look at winter when warm and comfortable Laurie.

Glad you enjoyed this Ruby.

Winter sure has arrived Jamie.

Have always loved white Christmases Blossom.

Leslie when the snow begins to fly here it just keeps on giving until spring. Hugs.

Glad you enjoyed this Theater Girl.

Glad you enjoyed this Leni and thanks for the vote.

Glad you enjoyed this Lisa.

Winter can be a lovely season even if it's so cold Genna.

Faith Reaper profile image

Faith Reaper 3 years ago from southern USA

Wonderful poem of the changing seasons and your photos are perfect! I really love the part at the end about gazing at the starry night ... very beautiful.

Up and more and sharing

God bless, Faith Reaper

Vellur profile image

Vellur 3 years ago from Dubai

Great poem, rings true with the spirit of winter! Voted up.

rebeccamealey profile image

rebeccamealey 3 years ago from Northeastern Georgia, USA

Pretty poem

And I think that it could symbolize life's trials and tribulations as well as literally be about the seasons!

starstream profile image

starstream 3 years ago from Northern California

Your poem reminds me of taking a winter walk on my farm in Oregon years ago. The magic of winter was fabulous as long as the woodstove was ready.

Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

Gypsy Rose Lee 3 years ago from Riga, Latvia Author

Glad you enjoyed this Faith. Thanks for the vote and share. We had such a wonderful snow fall and now it has all melted away. God bless.

Glad you enjoyed this Vellur. Thanks for the vote.

It could be a mixture of both for sure Rebecca.

That sounds like a wonderful and magical winter walk starstream.

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