Wishing I wasn't Human: Poem and Analysis

My Feelings Exactly

Wishing I Wasn't Human

I wish I was not a person.

So that I didn’t have a heart with blood coursin’.

Meaning it could not break.

These feelings are not fake.

I wish I didn’t have cognitive thought.

A brain that’s just matter with nothing taught.

So I wouldn’t think of my heart aching.

These thoughts I am not faking.

I wish I was just a beast.

Simple and plain, nothing more and all the least.

I would be happy and no one would care.

For now, I am human and it’s a struggle to live and to bare.


I wrote this in a time of heart break. I can’t remember who I broke up with that made me feel this way. I broken up a couple of times so this is valid for any of them. I felt so bad I didn’t want to be a person. It’s because a person can think and dwell. So I wanted not to have emotions and thought.

It’s really easy to feel these things when you break up with a person. You feel a torrent of sorrow that you think you’ll drown in. I wanted to be an animal. I would be a dog because that’s what I usually feel like when I am devastated. I think a dog is simple but loyal. The master is who tells the dog what to do and how to feel. The master leaves the dog, than the dog won’t know what to do. That is what I felt at the time.

I know it was silly to feel like an animal now but I did back than. It still makes for a great poem and this is one of my favorites. Whomever is feelings these emotions now, I have some choice words for you. It won’t last forever. There is always something around the corner to save you from the abyss. Don’t give up and time does heal all wounds. Trust me when I say this because I know it. I have met a wonderful girl that makes my troubled days seem like they were never there. Keep your chin up and have faith.

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miendy 7 years ago

I like this poem. I agree with u that when we were in troble, we often did not what to do.

zaruten 6 years ago

really nice poem

Winsome profile image

Winsome 6 years ago from Southern California by way of Texas

Great words and greater analysis. You have a great commentary style--I would like to see you write a hub that's just you giving your thoughts about something you've been thinking about. Thanks for the words ES.

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