With Eyes Glazed: An Original Poem

With Eyes Glazed
by: "Dreamer"
30 September 2010

With eyes glazed by unrequited love,
I see you as a breath of fresh air
A unique vessel of love
With captivating eyes and ebony hair

With eyes glazed by delusion
I want you to be mine
My own impeccable being
With alabaster skin and sweet scent

With eyes glazed by illusion
I want to be in your arms
Two strongholds that could protect me
And my heart from breaking

With eyes glazed by madness
I see you with other women
And I get deranged with jealousy
But I can’t do anything about it

With eyes glazed by pretense
I want to be with you
At night, when you can hold me
And I can hear your heart beat

With eyes open with the truth
Everything fades away
Like sand through my fingers
The fantasy remains a fantasy.

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gg.zaino profile image

gg.zaino 5 years ago from L'America

Your words peak volumes. Love many times is at best an illusion- but something we stride for nonetheless. curious creatures we humans...

if we are fortunate enough to have loved greatly but once in our lifetime how fortunate we truly are...

- for so many leave this existence never knowing, never feeling that glorious emotion.

peace dreamer- voted 'UP" fine words- greg

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 5 years ago from England

Hi, you have put into words exactly how this emotion feels, the wanting and needing and never actually getting, I believe we have all been there! great poem, cheers nell

Dreamer08 profile image

Dreamer08 5 years ago from Philippines Author

Greg: thank you for your comment. Love truly is the greatest feeling in the world, but it can also be the most painful experience. Humans are curious creatures, the more we know we can't get something, the more we want to get it.

Dreamer08 profile image

Dreamer08 5 years ago from Philippines Author

Nell: thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I wrote this last September and yet I still feel the same emotion towards the same person. It is hard to deal with it.

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