With Gossamer Wings.

On Gossamer Wings.



Moonlit maiden, starry eyed,
come beautify my dreams tonight
my world's a stone, a barren place,
my comfort lies in your embrace.

I've been solo, so low, so long,
I must transcend this pain with you,
beyond the planes of common men,
and from your lips drink passion's dew.

Sometimes we must escape what's real,
and let our dreaming face reveal,
the reasons why we must go on,
your sweetest love, known just till dawn.

Come meld with me, lost in your eyes
on moonbeamed paths, stardusted skies,
before mourn brings me back to bear,
my weary days without you there.

What powers granted me this bliss,
all heaven's glory in your kiss,
my lonely soul seeks kind release,
only your love will bring me peace.

Sometimes we must escape what's true,
to bask in fantasies renewed,
come take my hand, as I dream of
your perfect realms of endless love.

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Randy Behavior profile image

Randy Behavior 7 years ago from Near the Ocean

Mmmmmm. Makes me wanta take a nap. I did one similar. He Comes in Dreams.

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