With or without you 2 poems

           I have

I have a hunger only you can feed
a thrist only you can quench
I have a want only you can satisfy
a desire only youcan fulfill
I have a fire only you can stoke
a wish only you can grant
I have a plan only you can share
a dream only you can make true
I have a life only you can share
a secret only you can know
I have a home only you can have
a vision only you can see
I have a heart only you make it beat
a story only you can read
I have a love only you can let grow
a ring only you can wear
I have a soul only you can own
a question only you can answer

      With or Without you

With out you I am alive but nothing
a shell going throught the motions
a hollow vessel waiting to be filled
a void waiting to be filled
a husk of what I once used to be
With you I am alive and everything
a breathing body filled with joy
a cup brimming full of love
a galaxy waitingto be explored
a garden  coming into bloom

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CheyenneAutumn profile image

CheyenneAutumn 6 years ago

Wulf your poems are so personal it makes me feel like I am reading private love letters, very sensitive and full of passions. Good work - I hope you keep writting.

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