With pains in our chests, we were at our best.

With pain in our chests we were at our best

So we sat in the kitchen of our old country house

in the darkness of the day and we couldn't figure out

why she had left us and what went wrong

we sat and we chatted while we tried to stay strong

we spoke about our day and drank cups of tea

all the kids were at school it was only you and me

I rarely went with them I was hurt a little too much

I hated leaving you alone, dad, you were my crutch

And as the days passed while our paining hearts grew

we shared a bond , just me and you

you without your wife and I without my mother

we had just the two of us we helped each other

we would eat cakes and speak about our misery

and till this day it always seems a mystery to me

why when I look back at the best days of my life

it is those that were spent with you in such delight

getting to know my father as an adult I had become

you helped the dark seem bright , you helped me overcome

the pain and hurt I felt on those days

looking back at them now I begin to praise

We got over it dad , we made it through

and that is why I will always love and cherish you .

With pains in our chests, we were at our best.

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Lisawilliamsj profile image

Lisawilliamsj 4 years ago

This is such a beautiful poem with so much emotion. I voted up!

SecretsOfTheSun profile image

SecretsOfTheSun 4 years ago from Ireland

This is so beautiful.

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Poetic Fool 4 years ago

How touching and beautiful, Angel! What a sad story but what a blessing to forge such a wonderful relationship with your father through the fires of this trial. This is simply a wonderful tribute to the strength and bonds of love.

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