Mothers and Sons........

For My Mother........and for all mothers.......

   For weeks ....months and even years later she could be found there at the cemetery standing over the green grasses of summer. Over the plot that they had purchased in the summer of your leaving. Standing with her arms crossed and crying silently she seemed to always ask me to drive her there. I was just a young boy not yet a man. Or perhaps I would have known some of the right words to give comfort. She would always ask me to walk there with her across the manicured lawn to the place where , one day , she too would rest for eternities immeasurable.
   A mother and her son , where does that relationship begin or end ? And , who could know? Now , I know that a parent and a chiid are forever attached in blood , in spirit and in souls , That as well , there is absolutely no way on earth that they are ever separated whether in a prison of steel and stone , or in death , in the tragedies or wonders of our time on earth. There is no bond in this world a mother and a child.

Weep not at granite markers
......I have not lain there at all
Cry not in the heat of summer
nor in the leaves of early fall

I saw your face lined in agony as
you toiled away at the living
As well the tears in your crocheting
for gifts of the giving

Not once was I not in your thoughts
nor in the space between
Never once was a love any greater
of parent and child to be seen

And now together they lay
as all families eventually do
Once they were gathered here though
in life .......and we all knew

Weep not at granite markers
.......I have not lain there at all
Cry not in the heat of summer
nor in the leaves of early fall

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daddysgirl 5 years ago

The love of such a great mother you have dad!! I miss her like crazy everyday! We will all meet there at the pearly gates of heaven one day. The strength and love of such a tiny woman always amazes me! I say we both got the best of her!! Just speechless with this lovely tribute here! Love and hugs forever

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 5 years ago Author

Hey Girl, This is the reason that I hold women soo highly in the family picture . We see it every day with todays families , There is such a huge disconnect in our society today between commitment and perseverance in marriage. Men have grown a bit too selfish.....Love you!

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