Mighty Mouse Hubber Drop-clicks At HubPages Again!


What a bummer! My new wireless mouse fell on the floor again and now it doesn't work. I have to scrape my finger all over the place to make my cursor work until I get a new one. And I can't get a new one until I get my new check. Lord? Why me? And why is it still lit up?

Must have broke something. Just part of it. Maybe if i tap it something will snap back in place. No. Not working.

Wait a minute. A battery compartment. Hmm. Can I get this thing open. Damn, it is jammed. Hard to get open anyway. I'll get this bugger open or break it to pieces. I wonder if the batteries wore out.

My laptop message said my battery needs recharged. I don't know why. It is plugged in to the AC.. That don't make any sense.

These darn batteries won't budge. I'll never get them out. I better not break it. I am going to get mad and yank it around and break it if I don't calm down. I can't help it. It's psychological. Those doctor people sure screwed me up with all that rubbish of theirs.

Now the battery keeps popping back out. I'll never get it in. "Boing!" Popped out again. I'll get it back in or break it.

There! It snapped into place somehow. Did it again! How do I do it? Hey, there goes the cursor! It works!

I sure am glad it works again.

The End

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JayeWisdom profile image

JayeWisdom 2 years ago from Deep South, USA

Whether this actually happened or is a figment of your imagination, the premise and inner dialogue tickled my funnybone, and I can imagine (even if it's not true) that the typos and misspellings in the writing were the result of frustration. I can certainly relate to the frustration caused by technological quirks and breakdowns! A techie I am not, nor do I have many fine motor skills left, so changing out batteries is a challenge.

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littledog 2 years ago

Get a bigger hammer is what i was always told LOL

Wrath Warbone profile image

Wrath Warbone 2 years ago from Cleveland, Ohio Author

I plead temporary insanity due to the unreasonable behavior inherent in the in the battery box spring catch. littledog and Jaye bear me witness.. I rest my case.

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