Won't You Be My Valentine? ~ Kateland's Romeo Calls ~ A dark, Gothic poem.

Tchaikovsky - Swan Lake


At dawn I awoke so very excited,

finally to meet, so pleased to be invited.

Everything was all arranged just so.

Just make it through breakfast and off you go.


Just act normal. They will never know.

Smile. Make idle chatter to and fro .

These were my thoughts as I opened your latest email.

Send a quick note, appear at breakfast, out the door sail.

Mom and dad think I'm staying at Kara’s again.

It’s OK. What they don’t know won’t hurt in the end.

Kara’s parents are going on vacation.

Her house is the perfect destination.


They won’t call or even ask me to check in.

We’ve been sleeping over since I don’t know when.

She doesn't mind because Ricky’s coming over.

So, just pick me up at her place, 3720 Stover.


Anytime after eight should be good.

You know it would be earlier if I could.

I have to be sure parents are long gone.

I don’t want anything going wrong .





Mom dropped me off. I just couldn't believe

how very easy it had been to deceive.

Somewhere way down deep inside

I knew it was really bad that I lied.


Mom and dad were pretty cool. Think about it.

Their rules were not extreme. I had to admit,

but there’s no way they would understand.

Tonight, I just have to meet this man.


We've been dating since the start of school.

Oh, yea. That exceeds the three month rule.

Five months we have been together day and night.

It really doesn't matter if it’s on the Internet, right?


When I rang the bell, my heart skipped a beat.

Mr. Crandle opened the door saying, “Don’t let out the heat.

And a most happy Valentine’s Day to you, Miss Kaitland.

Now, don’t y'all watch scary movies tonight, understand?


At breakfast Kara told us that they were the plan.”

He yelled up the stairs, “We have to go, woman!”

Turning back to me, “You’ll have nightmares. We will be gone.

It will be just you two, all alone. You can only get me by phone,


so take it easy on the horror fest.

Hey, honor an old man’s request?"

“So, it's watch Disney, huh?” I quipped.

“Yes ma'am. That’s about the sum of it.”


“You got it, Mr. Crandle,” I said with a sweet smile.

How quickly I was learning to lie and beguile.

“This can’t be good. It’s gonna end up really wrong,”

my conscious whispered over and over like a song.


Breezing down the stairs, Kara grabbed my hand.

“Come on! We gotta dish. Did you hear about band?

We’re going to my room, Dad. I hope you understand.”

“It’s o.k. you two. I know girl talk is no man’s land.


Besides, we have to get moving.”

He yelled upstairs, “Come on, Susan!”

Kara’s mother, so composed, she chimed,

“Dear, I don’t want to leave anything behind.”


She looked like the perfect woman descending the stairs.

The smell of Channel Number Five was upon the air.

She had a sense of style and dramatic flair,

something Kara and I tonight would dare.


:You two won’t eat anything but pizza and chocolate I fear.

The number to the lodge, ladies, is right over here.

You girls have fun and don’t stay up too late, dears.

If you need anything, you call us. You hear?”


So sweetly we both smiled, “Yes ma’am. We will.”

“Susan,they will be fine. We don’t have time to kill,”

Mr. Crandle complained, making it clear he had had his fill.

“Come away with me to a lodge in the snow covered hills.”


Hand in hand they went through the door.

Kara closed it. "I didn't think I could take anymore!

I was starting to think they would never leave."

She beamed, “Finally girl, freedom achieved!”


With a wink she turned and spun around and around

giggling, “Girl, we got a lot to do. Let’s cover some ground.

I think there's an email you were supposed to show me."

Then, she almost purred “… And look! I've got smokies!”


“For real? Why didn't you tell me earlier on the phone?”

“I didn't want to risk it, so I waited until we were alone.

That would be just what we need, Mom and Dad to freak.”

She rolled her eyes, “You know their ideas are antique."


In a singsong voice, “Always be proper well mannered ladies.

Don’t you dare to have any fun at all or you’ll go to Hades!”

We were still snickering to ourselves when we hit the computer.

I don’t think it’s possible I could have thought it more super.


There it was, the card you sent, asking me on this date.

Kara oooed and awed, then longing sighed, “it must be fate.

How else could you meet the man of your dreams in cyberspace?

Just think how many people are there, like the whole human race!”


“Mhm. I know. Isn't it really just too cool?

Fire that thing up. This weekends gonna rule.

No parents around, we can finally do what we want.”

“Bad, Bad, Bad,” the little voice continued to haunt.


Soon Kara’s room was filled with smelly smoke and loud tunes.

“Did you send him one back,” she asked. “Of course, ya loon!

No, I’m just gonna leave a man like that hanging?

See the pics? He’s a hottie and that body’s banging.


Hell yea, I sent him an e-card. Want to see?”

“Well duh, why do you think I asked, dummy,”

Kara said with a silly yet wicked smile.

Did you bring your mom’s “exotic” style?


That black leather corset she keeps hidden away.

Tell me you brought it. Come on girl, don’t play.”

“Of course I did,” I grinning replied.

"Now can I see the dress?” I sighed.


“Oh yea, my bad. Here, hit this a few more times.”

She jumped to get it right as the clock chimes.

It scared me so bad I jumped and turned around

so fast I got a head rush and almost fell down.


The little voice contained within

singing sickly sweet chimed in

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall,

who is about to take a fall?


Kaitland, why down this road did you begin?

Now, you know it can only go badly in the end.

Sin is not free. Everything in this world cost.

Careful little girl. You’re going to get lost.”


Kara came back with a huge black velvet garment bag.

“Lucky you, I was able to take delivery. I hope it’s not a rag.”

“You mean to tell me you haven’t even taken a peak?”

“Nope. Open it while I open a window. This place reeks.”


Super fast, I opened the bag like a child on Christmas morning.

Kara glanced back and quickly we were both ooing and awing.

It was black velvet under lace with a crimson satin trim.

“Oh, My God! Look at it! This is so very sweet of him.


Oh Kara, can you believe it? Couldn't you just die?

Isn't it the finest dress you have ever seen? Don’t lie.”

“Damn, girl. That thing wasn't bought from around here.

You never met him in the real, but OK? Let me get this clear.


You’re ready to stay the weekend with him on your very first date?”

“Jeez, you make it sound worse than it is. Just so we are straight,

you met Ricky online.”

“OK, OK. Fine, fine."


"I see how it is. For some reason it’s OK for you.

Do you remember the grilling you put me through?

Kara , you’re only a sophomore and he’s a senior.

Kara , what if he’s some kinda of freak? Go figure?


I know. I know. You’re right. I know that really you are.

I know you’re concerned about me, but come on, Kar.

You read some of what he has said.

Do you really think he’s off in the head?”


“No, Kaitland. I don’t think so.

But really, how do we know?

It’s not the same. Ricky you see

is older than me, but this guy is 33!


And yea, I met him online, but we go to the same school.

It’s different and you know it, but bud, you know we’re cool.

And since you won’t go out with any high school boys,

who else is gonna help ya make some Valentine’s noise?


Are you ever gonna boot up that card?”

“I forgot. I’m so laced, I’m acting like a retard.

Just a sec. OK.. Here it is. What do you think, really crappy?

You know I designed it myself, too girly, too foo foo, too sappy?”


"Here is my heart. It’s only just for you.

I’d love to be your date. Still want me to?

I’m not really good at rhyme,

but I’ll always be your Valentine."


“No, I like the image. It’s really cool.

Now, come on. We gotta get ready, ya fool.”

The afternoon passed in much the same way.

Kara and I were so very happy all that day.


The smelly smoke, it continued to rise.

Looking at the dress, I couldn't help but sigh.

Curling irons, perfume, lip gloss, mascara too,

The latest issues of Vogue, Marie Clair and Cosmo flew


all around the pink, poster-ed, perfumed room

amidst the pulsating beat of the latest I-tune.

At long last, after the sun went down, hair and faces were ready.

I told Kara “OK, now you gotta suck it in. Hold onto the bed. Steady.


Ricky is gonna lose it when he sees you in this.

You know, tonight he’s gonna want more than a kiss.”

“Yea, right! Like Mr. send you a fancy dress just for a first date doesn't want the same?

Don’t think with a guy his age you can play the normal string em along high school game.”


“Ahrgg!” she exhaled, as I drew in the corset laces really tight.

“Something tells me you’re not gonna put up much of a fight.”

Hard as I could I yanked the corset laces in.

“Damn it, that hurt!” Kara gasped “Fine! You win.”


After I tied it off and she could stand, she said, “How do I look?”

Ricky drawled in the doorway “Babe! You’re hot, like off the hook!”

Opening his arms he smiled, “Come on now girl. Bring it over here.”

“You sneak!” Kara squealed grabbing her robe “How did you get in here?”


I have my ways, you naughty girl,” he mischievously intoned.

“Hey what’s that smell? I think you girls are st_ned.

You’re gonna pay.. I might just have to spank you.

Unless that is, you want to share some with little ole me too.”


Kara simpered back, “Well, I was gonna share.

But now I’m not sure, so just hold it right there.

How about for now, let's say I will share?

Later, you show me how much you care?"


I just had to say it, “Oh My God you two! Would you please just get a room?!”

“Standing in it, dumb ass” Ricky stated. “Just when are you going vroom vroom?

Don’t you have your own little thing tonight?

With Mr. I’m all grown up and manly right?”


“Yea. No shit. For real, Kaitland. You better get in that dress.”

I felt butterflies churning, “It’s getting about that time I guess.”

In my head the sweet little voice sang on,

“Butterflies are there because it’s wrong.”


The dress, OK, it was really, truly a gown,

was so beautiful. I spun round and round

watching the skirt flare as if were to fly.

“OK,” I thought spinning, “I’m really high.”


The voice sang, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall,

who is gonna be in for a really big fall?

The little girl who thinks she’s grown,

thinks she can handle things all alone.”


The next thing I knew you were standing there at the door.

When Ricky opened it, I never knew what was to be in store,

only that I believed you were what I had been looking for,

that you were everything I always longed for and more.


As you whisked me away in the darkness of night

it felt so exciting, so adventurous, altogether right.

“What does a little girl know of such things?”

That sweet little voice inside me still sings.


I sat holding the single rose you gave me at the door.

My eyes never saw where we went, what came before.

All I could really think about or begin to see

was that a man like you was actually with me.


“Kaitland, you look gorgeous. I am so glad that you came.”

I loved the deep sound of your voice as you said my name.

“I thought we could go to my studio. Would you like to check it out?

Would you like to see my art? What my work is really, truly about?”


“Oh yes! I would love that. Is that where we are going?”

Paranoid, I wondered, is my nervousness showing?

“Yes, I have a private studio not far from here.

At this speed we should be there soon, my dear.


Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.”

“Hide, hide, hide,” the voice chanted inside.

“Be silent, you mental chaperon.

Just shut up and leave me alone.


I’m always good, well, for the most part.

I make good grades. I’m not a tart.

Why, on Valentine’s Day, do you start?

Just this once let me follow my heart.”


We pulled up to the biggest, darkest place.

Slowly you turned and touched my face

taking my chin in your large hand.

“We’re alone. Don’t misunderstand.


It’s just I wanted to give you a special, private showing.

We got so close these last few months. I need you knowing

what it is that I do. What I'm all about. What it is I live for.

What I create. What I want to achieve, and so much more.

Come darling, let me finally show you.

I have something exciting, something new.”

You took my hand and walked me inside.

“You’ll be the first to see this, I must confide.”


Your eyes beamed with artistic pride.

I was so honored you allowed me inside.

I could tell your work was near to your heart,

though I really didn't understand advent guard art.


“First, my lovely Valentine, let’s have a drink."

You smiled, "A rich red wine will do nicely I think."

The goblet you handed me held a liquid, darkly red.

It looked as if something into the glass had bled.


"Come, my dear, try a little bit.

Come on, little one… That’s it.”

After just a single tiny, little sip,

I felt numb where it touched my lip.


I had no time to think on it any more.

You were pulling me through the door

and down the staircase over to the right.

A frozen masquerade ball came into site.


My eyes grew wide and you twirled me around.

“What do you think Ma Cheri? Does love abound?

Can you feel it in the air?

See it in their frozen stares?”


“Everything is so wonderful. It’s all so grand.

How did you do this? I don’t understand.

I mean, well, look at all the fancy gowns,

the curls, the jewels, the old one’s frowns.”


Giggling, I was so totally in awe as you took me on the grand tour

introducing me to each by name, manners only part of the allure.

You were so handsome, tall, dark, impressive and strong.

I felt I could stay with you forever. How could that be wrong?


The voice inside singing along,

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall,

how far does she have to fall?

Not very far for wrong is close

no matter it smells like a rose."


Come, my little Valentine.

It’s getting to be that time.

I have but one thing left for you to see.

It’s the real reason I knew it had to be




A little one, fresh and pure,

all alone, pristine and demure.

Look here dear. Tell me what you see.

I looked where you stopped leading me.


It took a moment for me to take it all in.

My mind was growing muddled within.

I held fast onto your arm being slightly dizzy,

thinking, “I can’t believe a sip made me tipsy.”


In front of me was a gilded ornate throne.

The kind kings and queens sat upon.

All around the huge empty throne,

what looked like a court gazed on.


There were scribes all huddled over tables behind,

with scrubbed servants standing perfectly in line,

ladies in waiting all to the side,

court jesters hanging on for the ride.



I couldn't help giggling aloud, “All you need is a queen of the ball.”

You smiled saying, “You noticed. Yes, dear. That’s really about all.

Come. Help me envision the last brush stroke,

as it were. Please, be a dear. Help me to evoke


the completion of my dream.

Come dear. Be my queen.

Sit upon this gilded throne

so I may call you my own."


The room was slowly starting to spin

The voice sang, “Hide, hide, hide” again.

You smoothed my hair. “Sh baby, it will pass.

There, there, dear. Now, be a good little lass.


Just sit there. Yes. Tilt your chin.

That’s it baby. Smile deep within.

Think of how special you are to me.

Help me. Aren't you starting to see?


Think of how much I love you,

of the life we could go through.

Think that you will always be mine,

my baby queen, my little Valentine.


Sh, don’t try to move or speak.

Just be still. I'll take in the motif.”

I felt so strange, peaceful yet unnaturally still.

Funny though, it seemed to move I had no will.


You walked back to me and knelt so close beside

whispering in my ear, “Do not fear. Here you will reside,

queen of the ball, center of it all, my newest eternal bride.

You really should have listened to that little voice inside.


Try to listen now. I know you’re realizing you can’t move.

Focus on my voice. Don’t want to mess up my artistic groove.

The wine slowly stops all independent muscle control.

This way you will always be young, regal and whole.


You will always be the greater part of me,

that part which will go down in history,

admittedly in infamy.

Thank you baby.


You really came through in the end,

though you were a fool to begin.

You were true to the words you sent.

Yes dear… I know I’m a little bent.”


The voice inside said with a sigh,

“Mirror, mirror, it's her last goodbye.

If only she had listened in her head,

now, she might not be dead.


You’re voice was the last thing I was ever to hear.

“Goodnight, little one. And thank you, my dear.

You are the gem in my design,

my naïve little Valentine.”


The End


(c) 2-13-11 Vix a.k.a. Rhonda Enrayne


Ah To Be Young and In Love

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Masquarade Ball from Legend

Comments 37 comments

Mentalist acer profile image

Mentalist acer 5 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

Thanks for exposing me to the details of a mis-shapen affair.;)

pan1974 5 years ago

wow, love you imagination.

poetvix profile image

poetvix 5 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Mentalist acer ~ Thanks for dropping in and happy Valentine's!

Pan ~ Thank you dear and may Cupid's arrow never miss for you. Happy hubbing!

PR Morgan profile image

PR Morgan 5 years ago from Sarasota Florida

Great tale! I think it would be good to have my teen girls read this...cautionary to say he least. But unfortunately, sometimes very true.

poetvix profile image

poetvix 5 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

PR Morgan ~ Thank you for the read and for your kind words. I hesitate to think of teens reading this... :( I don't want to give them any ideas! I work with them, trust me, no matter how well intentioned, anything can go wrong! I'm just kidding, of course. Most teens do not get the credit they deserve. Happy hubbing!

inkwell780 5 years ago

"We’re going to my room dad. I hope you understand.”

“It’s ok you two. I know girl talk is no man’s land." Wonderful turn of phrase! "That would be just what we need, mom and dad to freak.” she rolled her eyes and said “You know their ideas are antique." You have a wonderful way with words Rhonda! "The dress, ok, it was really a gown,was so beautiful I spun round and round

watching the skirt flare as if to fly." WOW. You are the best at telling a story Rhonda. Another fantastic read! Every one of your hubs has brought a smile to this taut face. Sincerely, your friendly little Valentine if only for a mere moment; Matthew. =:)

poetvix profile image

poetvix 5 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Inkwell ~ Thank you for your kind comment. You are too sweet. Happy hubbing Valentine's Day.

tony0724 profile image

tony0724 5 years ago from san diego calif

I just wanted to wish you a Texas sized Happy Valentine's Day my poet friend ! You and your Sweetie enjoy !

MartieCoetser profile image

MartieCoetser 5 years ago from South Africa

What a story! Excitement is most of the time what we seek... when we are bored... and not afraid. And then... we hit the ground. We did not know we were falling, we thought we were flying. Lol! Thanks for an enjoyable read. Take care.

poetvix profile image

poetvix 5 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Tony ~ Thanks bud! Happy Valentine's to you and yours as well. May your day be filled with chocolate, and the air filled with romance. Happy hubbing!

Martie ~ Thank you for taking the time and for your kind comment. God Bless you and happy Valentine's Day.

nighthag profile image

nighthag 5 years ago from Australia

as always I am in awe of your imagination and the simply brilliant way you express it. This was an epic story beautiful woven by a true master of words.

Thank you

poetvix profile image

poetvix 5 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Nighthag ~ Aw, thank you. You are too kind. Having read your dark tales it means all the more as you weave words together in such a beautiful way. Thanks too for always taking the time to read. Happy Valentine's and happy hubbing!

ichibanarky 5 years ago

That's quite the riveting tale...I enjoyed it

poetvix profile image

poetvix 5 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Ichibanarky ~ Thank you for reading and for your kind words.

epigramman profile image

epigramman 5 years ago

....well well well ..... if anyone - a him or her - writes quite like you - then I have not found 'them' - and probably never will!!!!! Bravo my epic poem friend!!!

poetvix profile image

poetvix 5 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Epigramman ~ You always leave me smiling. :) Thank you dear one.

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 5 years ago

Yo poetvix! I was about to ask what time I should be there but I read on. Great work my dear!

poetvix profile image

poetvix 5 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Micky Dee ~ Thanks bunches bud! God bless.

BobbiRant profile image

BobbiRant 5 years ago from New York

I just ran across this very excellent poem. I missed it for Valentine's Day but it is a good read anytime of the year. Absolutely loved it.

poetvix profile image

poetvix 5 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

BobbiRant ~ Thank you so much for saying. May the spirit of Valentine's Day always stay with you.

kimberlyslyrics 5 years ago

you really are a beautiful writer and your layout here is awesome



poetvix profile image

poetvix 5 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Kimberlyslyrics ~ It is so good to see you! Thank you for your kind words.

epigramman profile image

epigramman 5 years ago

..actually I came back tonight to revisit a classic by you - I was literally held spellbound by this fabulous piece 4 months ago - and upon my revisit - I feel the same way - and that to me is great art when you can read something again and yet it all seems brand new or there are different ripples to be found - this is your masterpiece my friend and yet you are the master (or mistress) of all your works - and each and every word contained within ..... I will be posting this to my Facebook page with a direct link back here so perhaps more people can witness the work of a world class writer.

lake erie time 12:19am with the North Mississippi All-Stars and a full moon over the lake .....

poetvix profile image

poetvix 5 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Epigramman ~ You are the sweetest. Thank you so very much not only for the visit but for your kind words and the share. Your words mean all the more for you truly are the master of the macabre. I stand in awe of your ability to make such rich stories in poetry with so few words. It is a rare gift you have and we here are the Hub are very fortunate indeed that you share it.

Nefarious_Misery profile image

Nefarious_Misery 5 years ago from on the move

Got a flash of the chamber of horrors from Jeepers Creepers there at the end.

Wonderfully, masterfully, beautifully, amazingly written. You really do astound me.

Voted up and beautiful.

poetvix profile image

poetvix 5 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Nefarious Misery ~ Thank you so much for the kindness and the vote. It is good to see you here. I must point out the ironic disparity between your avatar and your sweet words is an interesting contrast that always leaves me smiling.

Bud Gallant profile image

Bud Gallant 5 years ago from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Very masterfully written and disturbing tale. I was quite captivated form beginning to end. I suspect some dark twist at the end, but it was far more interesting than I would have imagined. Excellent work.

poetvix profile image

poetvix 5 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Bud Gallant ~ Thank you so much for reading my sick and twisted little tale and saying such nice things!

God bless and happy hubbing!

tom hellert profile image

tom hellert 5 years ago from home


Creepy but totally cool.... i think this was very well written I knew something was "wrong" but did not expect the macabre ending...I have always thought artists were creepy.


poetvix profile image

poetvix 5 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Tom ~ Thanks for dropping by my little violent Valentine hub here and commenting. I like artist, but then I like creepy, huge horror fan here, so I would. Funny though, you know what really freaks me out? Clowns. Scary Boo there! Go figure. Happy hubbing!

tom hellert profile image

tom hellert 5 years ago from home


thats because cLOWNS ARE CREEPY!!!!!


poetvix profile image

poetvix 5 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Tom ~ Yep. Have you seen the character Captain Spaulding on "The Devil's Rejects"? The character is truly horrifying, so are his offspring... talk about the apple and all. Anyway, while he's scary as all hell in the movie, if you put the DVD in but don't hit play, he spouts off some of the funniest foul language ever! He is also the only clown I will watch.

tom hellert profile image

tom hellert 5 years ago from home

No I haven't seen a "real movie since... was in 3 D but with one eye- that was kindof a wast... Oh welll..


epigramman profile image

epigramman 3 years ago

"You are the gem in my design" - what a perfect line my righteous and most ravishing Rhonda. Back to revisit a class and I loved this poetic stream of consciousness as much the 2nd time around. I certainly do respect and I am in great awe and admiration of your political side but I would also like to see you make a departure and return (when you are ready) to your epic creative writing side as well because it always rocks Epi's world big time.

I sincerely hope all is well in your life right now dear friend and please accept my best wishes from Colin, Tiffy and Gabriel at lake erie time 3:59pm

poetvix profile image

poetvix 3 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Dearest Epi,

You do say the sweetest things. I think we are in sync today. It just so happens I'm working on something fictional at the now in the hub tool. I was kind of thinking it was silly, but still fun. Your well timed and most gracious comment gives me encouragement and reminds me silly can be OK too.

Elwood and I are wishing you the best right now from a warm day in Texas. We lost Ever a few months back. I still miss her, but Elwood doesn't leave my side. Spring is finally here. God bless, my dear friend, and happiest of hubbing for you.

epigramman profile image

epigramman 3 years ago

I am very sincerely sorry for your loss , Rhonda, as you very well know that Little Miss Tiffy and Mister Gabriel are my two best friends.

poetvix profile image

poetvix 3 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Thank you dear, Epi. She was mine. We were blessed to have her longer than her predicted life expectancy per the books. She was special, as are they all. God grant Miss Tiffy and Mister Gabriel many more happy years of friendship. Elwood is currently piled up in the very middle of my freshly washed bed, happy as a clam.

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