Words Of Life Echoing Forever


Words Of Life Echoing Forever.


W-onder and awe at the expulsion from the womb

O-f  a tiny carbon copy of your love made flesh,

R-esponsibility grips one's soul at such a reward,

D-irect from the divine maker of all mankind.

S-weet innocence granted once again to those long past it.

O-pportunities abound to realize what readily becomes ap-parent

F-illing your days with joy, plus someone else to care for until.....


L-ips so tiny form syllables and gurgle..."Ma-Ma!"..."Da-Da!"

I-nspired to respond by your constant cooing, as mimicry occurs,

F-ostering at last the instinctual need to simply communicate love,

E-ternally cherished forevermore are these first words of life.




Author's Word bank:

1. wonder,
2. eternally
3. responsibility
5. sweet
6. opportunities
7. filling
8. lips
9. inspired
10. fostering

My 10 words for--- W O R D S OF L I F E

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