Words That Don't Rhyme With Any Other Words

Words With Nothing To Rhyme To...

To the best of my knowledge, there are 70 words in the English language which do not rhyme with any other words! They are (in alphabetical order):

A - Almond, Angry, Angst, Anxious, Aspirin

B - Bachelor, Breadth, Bulb, Bulbous

C - Calumny, Cannabis, Caveat, Chaos, Chimney, Chocolate, Circus, Citrus, Citizen, Condom

D - Denizen, Depth, Diamond, Different

E - Eighth, Elbow, Else, Empty, Engine

F - Fift, Film, Foible, Fugue

G - Galaxy, Glimpsed, Golf, Gulf

H - Hostage, Husband

I - Iron

J - Justice

K - ...

L - Laundry, Luggage

M - Monster, Month, Mulcts

N - Ninth, Neutron

O - Obvious, Of, Office, Olive, Orange

P - Pint, Pedant, Penguin, Pizza, Plankton, Plinth, Promise, Purple

Q - ...

R - Reptile

S - Sanction, Sandwich, Shadow, Silver

T - Transfer, Twelfth

U - ...

V - Vacuum

W - Width, Wolf

X - ...

Y - ...

Z - ...

So there ya go... all the known word in the English language that do not rhyme with any word in the dictionary (all 70 of 'em)... fascinating, huh (boy, do I have too much time on my hands...)?

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asci profile image

asci 8 years ago from UK

Great reply, you could rhyme spatchula with bachelor but it's not in the English dictionary. I was looking for one for you for K, came up with Kitchen - is there anything that rhymes with that?

razorblades profile image

razorblades 8 years ago from Holland

I can think of one word that rhymes with kitchen, but its not a real word in any sense, its 'female dog" followed by in. Other than that nothing. Great list, very comprehensive!!!!

commentonthis7 profile image

commentonthis7 8 years ago

good hub

LatestDud profile image

LatestDud 8 years ago from Gold Coast (Queensland, Australia) Author

Kitchen rhymes with cichon, michon, pichon, mcmichen... I'll put up a rhyming dictionary in the links section. :-) It's quite interesting!

asci profile image

asci 8 years ago from UK

I've just looked that rhyming site and it says those words are 'Surnames'

wolflover 8 years ago

cool but of rhymes with dove

jack 8 years ago

does condom rhyme with kingdom?

aidan 8 years ago

dude, you forgot nostril!

aidan 8 years ago

and indubitably

David 7 years ago

Diamond = Almond

jack 7 years ago

kitchen rhymes with richen

el hombre 7 years ago

Regarding "anxious"..would not any word ending with a 'ous' be

"rhymeable",,as with continuous-obvious-hippopotamus and

ain't this ridiculous....el hombre

mr. know it all... 7 years ago

golf rhymes with wolf. mther goose teaches you thtings like that man. because wander rhyms with gander. fools

LatestDud profile image

LatestDud 7 years ago from Gold Coast (Queensland, Australia) Author

Mr. Know It All - Please tell me you are kidding. 'Cos if you're not, we are embarrassed for you. LOL!

profile image

Anonymous4LifeHoe 7 years ago

'Golf' can rhyme with "Adolf", but it's not exactly a word so

Carlos 7 years ago

Dude, Purple rhymes with turtle man. how'd you not know?

lol to funni 7 years ago

u have too much time on ur hands dude lol gd work tho

Elizabeth Leigh Bailey 7 years ago

umm there are words that Rhyme with "Of": Above and Love. :) Just thought I'd let you know. xo


Elizabeth Leigh Bailey 7 years ago

and "golf" does NOT rhyme with "wolf" neither do "purple" and "turtle" but "answer" and "transfer" could possibly work.

privateye2500 profile image

privateye2500 7 years ago from Canada, USA, London

...OKAY! I finally found it - the perfect place to tell what my name Rhymes with.

Melanie...? what does it Rhyme with?

Felony! LOL!

"I was looking for one for you for K, came up with Kitchen - is there anything that rhymes with that?"

Yes! Bitchen!

And the word *of* rhymes with MANY MANy words...don't get why that one is there. I play a lot of scrabble ;}





above...to name a few....

pizza 7 years ago

kitchen rhymes with bitchin'

of rhymes with glove, shove, love, above, dove...

how can you not be able to rhyme that?

btw twelfth and wealth.

doesn't that rhyme?

and purple kinda rhymes with (steve) URKLE :DD

pizza 7 years ago

and pizza duz rhyme with "meet cha"


but im serious about the wealth thing

Trevor S 7 years ago

What about the word "Underground"?? and there's prob many more... or am i just wrong?

Tyler 7 years ago

Golf and Gulf rhyme together, just because there spelled different doesn't mean they cant rhyme

uzzy 7 years ago

rhythm? im sure that doesn't rhyme with anything

Loo Loo 6 years ago

asprin rhymes with aspen :) i think

Jake 6 years ago

Lichen Rhymes with kitchen... Look it up if you don't believe me

john 6 years ago

hundreds of words rhyme with "of"

dove, above, (anything with a long "O")

zzcookiemonster 6 years ago

doesn't golf anf gulf rhyme with each other? spelt differently but same sound

really 6 years ago

uzzy stigmatism rhymes with rhythm

really 6 years ago

actually astigmatism srry bout that

Tiara 6 years ago

Don't get it pint rhymes with print

Moose  6 years ago

iron, siren

al 6 years ago

chocolate acholic

Geoffrie 6 years ago

Golf and gulf are pronouced differently, Golf has an English descent, wheras gulf, as it sounds is of British descent.

Since "of" is a short word and is not a vowel it cannot rhyme with any other word, example: whereas go is able to ryhme with mow because it is a vowel and is able to be a sentence on it's it own.

alice 6 years ago

pizza is an Italian word therefore there is no rhyming English word.

sjbafhijkbfiueb 6 years ago

of and dove......transfer and cancer

Brett 6 years ago

nothing rhymes with confidence

Craig 6 years ago

Dentist doesn't rhyme with anything.


Hooptown 6 years ago

Kitchen chicken

dinkle-doodle 6 years ago

First thing you have to remember when talking about rhyming is that there are SEVERAL different types of rhyme - 2 to be more exact, which are subdivided into more specific categories! English is not even my mother-tongue, so for those of you, for whom it is...should be a tad ashamed!

bippity boppity 6 years ago

circle rhymes with purple

Riley Cuda 6 years ago

Eighth rhymes with faith hahah

Jonathan 6 years ago

Do you know what else doesn't rhyme?


Let's see if anyone can rhyme with that word.

Me 6 years ago

Obnoxious rhymes with anxious.

Me 6 years ago

and pisa rhymes with pizza

Me 6 years ago

Golf rhymes with ahlf and ralf

Different rhymes with deferment and ignorant

but nothing rhymes with indigo.

Steven 6 years ago

Doesn't faith rhyme with eigth?

Laura 6 years ago

Reptile = futile, west nile, pile, trial, denial,

Davorunner profile image

Davorunner 6 years ago from Australia

A lot of those words mentioned have a lot of words that rhyme with them. Twelth rhymes with health

And Orange? You've obviously never heard eminem rhyme oranges with hinges and syringes.

you probably heard that "orange and silver" don't have any rhyming words. Tsk, tsk. The people who wrote that "fact" were not in the least bit poetical.

A lot of people will tell you that 'rain' doesn't rhyme with 'same'. That is the equivalent of saying that 2x2 cannot equal 4 because 2+2 already does. Or that there's no way out of the house except the door. Of course you can go out a window if you really want.

If you can make the words rhyme by the way you pronounce them in a song, then yes, those two words DO rhyme. It's more about the sound you make, than how the words are spelt.

Using two words that sound the same but have different meanings and are spelt differently doesn't really work either, because rhyming is more about the sound YOU make and the rythm, and less about having a different word.

So rhyming 'gate' and 'gait' isn't REALLY a rhyme.

It's open for creative interpretation, that's the good part about it, but those 2 main things I mentioned are things that people don't realise, which leads to their rhymes sounding really off.

Remember the really important thing here is putting yourself into it, and people getting your message. Don't compromise those things for anything.

Hope I've helped :P

moocow 6 years ago


DijitalDJ 6 years ago

Just because you people are lazy and mispronounce words or refuse to enunciate them doesn't make two words rhyme. For example, if you actually pronounce the f in the word twelfth, which is not in any way silent, it will not rhyme with health, and you can't inquire about my healfth. Same with citrus-mistress, and a variety of other examples.

yomomma 6 years ago

I agree with DijitalDJ. Just like how people thing "orange" rhyme with "door hinge," sorry to burst your bubble, but orange isn't pronounced like orenge.

Lauren 6 years ago

Wolf - Gulf?

Krede 6 years ago

Month rhymes whit hunt?

profile image

sanelacar 5 years ago

Noticed "laundry" listed. What about "quandry"? I think this rhymes...

Found this site looking for words that rhyme with kitchen, and almost non-existent. Most listings were actually last names. I like bitch'en, but might not be appropriate for a poem I want to submit. Anything else you all can think of that rhymes with kitchen?

anon 5 years ago

reptile rhymes with erectile failure!

Cslet 5 years ago

What about disruptive, quantity and permeable

Muppet POS 5 years ago

Of and poo

Storm the Lucario 5 years ago

Oi, Jonathan: "Ninja" rhymes with "singed ya"

...kind of


Blah blah blah 5 years ago

Whaddya mean, of and poo?!

Storm the Lucario 5 years ago

What rhymes with "examples"?

Let's see if someone can rhyme that.

Tori 5 years ago

EIGHTH rhythms with FAITH!

Your name 5 years ago

Purple circle?

5 years ago

examples - revamples ha

Dan 5 years ago

Orange rhymes with lozenge.

Also kitchen rhymes with friction and description.

Cslet 5 years ago





Korimono (so sorry)

someone rhyme the ones i said before

Mr. Know it all... 5 years ago

Heard this in another thread

Golf - Disolve? probs not

Pint - Skint yes

5 years ago















Rae 5 years ago

Idiot doesn't rhyme with others, that I've found.

Tam 5 years ago

idiot rhymes with bigot doesn't it?

Andrew 5 years ago

Haha this is fun readingthis

something 5 years ago

actully if u do think bout it pedent and decendent rymes so ther you go haha !!!!!!

Mr. Oinkmonkey 5 years ago

'Orange' rhymes with 'sporange', which is a sac where spores are made.

'Silver rhymes with 'chilver', which is a female lamb.

Pint? 5 years ago

Pint = Tint

Literacy101 5 years ago

You guys are idiots those words are up there because they don't rhyme . Your examples are wrong if you actually pronounce them properly. I did enjoy the list helped with a poety english report.

Cory 5 years ago

Wilderness does not have a rhyme. Lame.

Big daddy 5 years ago

"GULF" and "WOLF" rhyme just like OF, ABOVE, LOVE, DOVE, GLOVE and probably many more!

Everyday im shufflin 5 years ago

Orange purple and silver DON'T rhyme with anything urple isn't a freakin word u idiots and stop makin up words that arent real in english

Everyday im shufflin 5 years ago

Orange purple and silver DON'T rhyme with anything urple isn't a freakin word u idiots and stop makin up words that arent real in english oh and can i give all of u gift in german haha

Intruder 5 years ago

This entire thread is overly US-centric. The US "CNN accent" is not the only way people on this planet speak. Why is the definition of 'rhyme' always limited to the accent only half of Americans and no Europeans have?

A way you can demonstrate the rhyming problem is by comparing language dictionaries from the US with their UK counterparts. For example, the o in the swedish drink Glögg is said to be like the 'oo' in the US 'look', and the 'er' in the UK 'berg' Nobody in the US would think the vowel sounds in 'look' and 'berg' are anything alike. In England, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa they sound remarkably similar.

So in this sense, 'bachelor' and 'spatula' can rhyme... ask a cockney!

gig 5 years ago


More words that Don't rhyme 5 years ago

Asparagus and celery

jam 5 years ago

purple rhymes with curple (the hindquarters of a horse and hirple (to walk with a limp)

Henry 5 years ago

Doesn't Wolf rhyme with gulf?

Mickey 5 years ago

What about wonderful?

Liam 5 years ago

Fift= gift. lift. to name a few

kamuimaru 5 years ago

Purple rhymes with nurple. Purple nurple

yo 5 years ago

dilver rhymews with silver dilvers eat there own feces its true google it

Delaney 5 years ago

Difficult. I can't think of a rhyme for difficult. Tricky.

Missael 5 years ago


Missael 5 years ago


juckue 5 years ago


daffy poon 5 years ago

what is yeek idiot

ahseeb 5 years ago

purple-turtle !

Jsfgyfghugv 5 years ago

Of rhymes with dove

junaid 5 years ago

i swear iron rhymes with lion...

Umm 5 years ago

Silver , Bewilder

Jelly_Belly 5 years ago

Merriam-Webster says that nothing rhymes with "angel".

5 years ago

Ninja rhymes with ginger angel rhymes with hell

craig 5 years ago

Tell you what you lot must be on drugs cus that's how I ended up on this page lol, n kitchin rymes with itchen,bitchin,twitchin,stichin, if you take away the g lmao

Kitchen bitchin 5 years ago

You lot need to get a life my two year old does this shit

XxM0nk3yk1llz0n3xX 5 years ago

Lol, your two year old works with bitichin'?

not important 4 years ago

orange rhymes with challenge

Hey 4 years ago


emillie fleming in yo face 4 years ago

ornage rhymes with









iHoRiZoNi 4 years ago

Purple ; Hurdle?

Meow 4 years ago

Gulf rhymes with engulf

What about rhythm?

jeremyb 4 years ago

"Of" is wrong. It rhymes with dove and love and glove.

Grambo 4 years ago

unless somebody else said it.. I don't think "naked" has a rhyme ?

4 years ago

Most of these words are truly not rhymable in contemporary

English. However, using the unabridged Oxford Enlish Dictionary, orange, silver, and purple are the only words without perfect rhymes.

Bastinki 4 years ago

Okay here we go, a rhyme based on the words you offer.

Bastinki 4 years ago

I eat ALMONDS wearing nothing but DIAMONDS, I'm ANGRY hungry, and GANGLY.

My first reaction's usually ANGST, so THANKS for making me ANXIOUS, no, actually, I think I'll keep it THANKLESS, and instead just take an ASPIRIN to control these levels of GASTRIN, cos pain relief and a good night's sleep in my bed is all I'm ASKING.

So what if I'm a BACHELOR it's not because my arms and legs and fingers are TENTACULAR,

I could go on here, - but won't. :)

Breadth - Hairbreadth

Bulb - Gulp, Bulk, Pulp

Bulbous - Sulcus, Schoolbus?

Cannabis - dramatist, philanthropist

Engine - Avenging, whinging?

Iron - Mayan

Vacuum - Backroom (as with hairsbredth, this is usually written as one word maybe?)

Penguin - Pending, sanguin, bending

Transfer - Transverse

Promise - Honest

Obvious - Orphheus (poet)

man who finds flaws in everything 4 years ago

what about panther?

harry27 4 years ago

What about courageous

poop 4 years ago


Lauren 4 years ago

Elbow rings with bow.

Ashley 4 years ago

Some of you are real idiots...How the **** can of rhyme with dove you don't say it 'dov' you say it 'duv'.... :@

lewis clark 4 years ago

hahahahahahahaha i found a word that rymes with GOLF..................DOLF...its a name neegro

RepulsiveGecko5 4 years ago

Reptile rhymes with missile

Dude 4 years ago


QI Fan 4 years ago

Fans of the program QI will know the following rhymes: Orange - Blorenge and Gorringe

Purple - Hurple and Curple

Vic 4 years ago

Almond rhyms with salmo

Lala 4 years ago

Almond= Salmon

gabby182 4 years ago

a lot of these have rhymes. for example, of and dove. I would suggest revising this.

YouFail 4 years ago

pint rhymes with hint. you fail. HARD.

YouFail 4 years ago

and mint, and tint, and dint....

thislistsucks 4 years ago

iron rhymes with lion

LatestDud profile image

LatestDud 4 years ago from Gold Coast (Queensland, Australia) Author

@YouFail - Pint isn't pronounced the same way as 'mint, lint, tint, dint' etc. It's pronounced 'pie-ent'.

Ifyoureadthisyou'regay 4 years ago

Orange = Door-hinge

sky 4 years ago

eight rhymes with skaight

Skyler 4 years ago

Cruton rhymes with netron

4 years ago


me 4 years ago

A lorof you people are idiots that do not know how to rhyme.

yeah 4 years ago


GIEL 3 years ago

reptile rhymes with file

hi 3 years ago

chaos- Barbados!!!

Moobldy Farfendoofen 3 years ago

Hostage rhymes with sausage. You need to double check your list.

mohammad 3 years ago

wolf = golf ?

asdf 3 years ago

Of rhymes with Dove

agression 3 years ago

I didn't mean to take all your aspirine. Please forgive me it was an accident!

Jeremy 3 years ago

Orange rhymes with sporange...pizza is an italian word not an english word.

Blank 3 years ago

Chicklet rhymes with chocolate

PostGhost 2 years ago

Iron = Lion, Orion, ion, Cyan, Mayan, Hawaiian, geminian, Uruguayan, scion.

Posting 6 Years After 2 years ago

^unless you pronounce lion, orion, etc. "ly-ron", ori-ron", no they do not rhyme

although Chiron from Greek mythology rhymes

also doesn't eighth rhyme with faith?

for those of you who don't know, the rule of a rhyme is that it has to rhyme from the last stressed syllable onwards.

reptile doesn't work with file because "rep" is the stressed syllable in the word reptile. you would need a word like SEPtile or KEPtile or preLEPtile

Will Collins 2 years ago

Cockatiel has no rhymes.

tino turunen 2 years ago

Word Iron for example. You Can make that rhyme if You take it Like . hockey stick made from (Iron) when my jacket is (tight on) just get new car jump (Straight on)

Kendrick Williams 2 years ago

It's a long list of comments, so I didn't read all of them but, Purple rhymes with Gerbil.

idk 2 years ago

Nothing rhymes with purple

None of you can rhyme

Travis White 22 months ago

Wolf rhymes with gulf. Think about the word gulf like the Gulf of Mexico and wolf in the silver wolf.

22 months ago

Any word can be rhymed if you slant rhyme.

Purple rhymes with Hurtful, Verbal, and Urkel

hallo 10 months ago

you forgot Afro

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