WoRdS for HuBpAgEs

Words for HuBpAgEs

Copy ,Paste, Past, and Present

Feelings....Here, there

,come and gone

Some short ,some long

Some held in

and some taken from the wind

In the world of many hearts

That life

lives for now

But sometimes lived long ago

Hearts of gold are alive and living well

From here to there to Hub Pages

You will feel them come alive

from you , from me

and from me , from you

How do I explain?

And explain what and why ?

as I look and read on HubPages

and pondered as I may

I felt my words alive in what I read ..

Of what You wrote this day

Is this me or is this you

whoa ! wait !

A heart of gold never dies

Read this ! and Read that !

Places and more spaces


Push here and there

Votes up or down

To comment Yes or No

Pictures here and there

Always learning as I go

But not enough time

Words come and go

Fast ! too fast

Zoom in ! Zoom out !
My mind is on the run again

Catch it ! Run fast ! ...STOP !!!!!

No ! it does not
Time ...... not enough

Close my eyes if I try and it still races on

Whispering's of my heart sometimes loud and sometimes not.

Words, feelings and the life that once was and is now again

A lot more to express on my list

Catch them as feathers in air .

AH !!!!! Just lay down.......

with pen and paper if you dare

and watch them as they come to you .............words just for........ HuBpAgEs

12/18/2011 by graebear

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graebear profile image

graebear 5 years ago Author

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoy the silly ways I think at times

graebear profile image

graebear 4 years ago Author

Just thought I would share this again ..Hope you enjoy

graebear profile image

graebear 17 months ago Author

I thought you may like my nonsense writing I wrote in the past .. Hope you enjoy ..

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