Words not spoken sometimes

can u hear me?
can u hear me? | Source

Unspoken Words

During the course of a marriage we become comfortable with each other

Never to think of what could happen without one another

Sometimes there is too much silence in the room

Words are spoken but never enough

I try every day to get your attention

Sometimes it works, others just a glance

Just a simple inspirational gesture is what I need

Not always given

We are from two different worlds but yet the same

Maybe a simple “Thanks”, just for being me

Sometimes we get caught up in our worlds

Forgetting those around us

For we not just one person

Many people in one name

So here’s my chance to say

I love you , as a Father, A husband, and a friend

Thank –you for being one

So next time I see you can you say thanks, too?

Sometimes this is all I need, not always roses, nor Diamonds, just appreciation.

Maybe a little hug too.

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Terishere profile image

Terishere 5 years ago

This poem says much...many times, all it takes are little gestures to make us feel appreciated and noticed.

voted up and beautiful!


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